7 facts about Mount Everest you would have not known!

There are wonders of this world that invoke a sense of adrenaline rush. Mount Everest is  top of these inspiring wonders. And what makes the highest point on Earth even more enthralling is how its elevation has affected both environment and inhabitants, as well as the countless climbers who have come through Base Camp in an attempt to summit the mountain.

The highest point on Earth is currently listed at 29,035 feet above sea level, though it presently grows at four millimetres a year.

The height was originally calculated by Indian mathematician Radhanath Sikdar in the mid-nineteenth century. He recorded it at 29,002. But that figure was adjusted in 1999 by researchers from the American Millennium Expedition who placed a global positioning satellite device (GPS) below the summit to measure growth. Following these more accurate findings, the official height of the mountain changed to 29,035 feet.

Here are Some interesting facts about Mount Everest that will give you chills.

1. Temperatures drop to -60 degree Celsius.

Source : Dave hahn

2. The avalanches and ice fields/falls and general extremes aside, the wind proves to be a major obstacle reaching 200 miles per hour. 200 MILES PER HOUR!!.

Source : Adventure

3. 1 in 10 summits results in death. And more than 250 people had died climbing the mountain.

Source : Mpora

4. Climbing Everest is a workout for sure, a workout to the tune of 10,000 calories a day, up to 20,000 the day you summit.

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5. Japanese Yuichiro Miura is the oldest person to climb Everest, doing so at age 80.

Source : the telegraph

6. Frenchman Jean-Marc Boivin is down in history as the fastest descent at 11 minutes back in 1988.

Source : adventure journal

7. While Sir Edmund Hillary is recorded as being the first to reach Everest’s peak, his climbing partner, Tenzing Norgay, had already (unsuccessfully) attempted to summit the mountain SIX TIMES.

Source : www.statravel.co.uk

Wow! Mount Everest do have some fascinating facts. Do share!

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