World’s largest Dam which slowed down the rotation of Earth: Three Gorges

China has always been involved in developing technology and innovation and it has proved it once again by its giant and controversial Three Gorges Dam which is the world’s largest dam. This $30 billion project has been made so far successful by the regular denial of the warnings of environmentalists by the Chinese officials. This dam is about 2.3 km long and 185 meters tall. Just imagine the length of this Dam. It’s really gigantic.


It has the highest capacity of generating power compared to any Dam in this world with a capacity of 22,500 MW when fully completed. The total surface area of the reservoir is 1045 square kilometres, and it will flood a total area of 632 square kilometres. The amount of water that this reservoir will contain will be around 40 trillion kilogrames. The shift caused by the transfer of this much amount of water will effect the rotation of the Earth.

Just imagine this much amount of mass shifting from one place on the earth to another. Raising 39 trillion kilograms of water which will be 175 meters above sea level will increase the Earth’s moment of inertia and thus slow its rotation. However this effect in the rotation will be really small but don’t you think anything which is effecting the natural phenomena on earth should be stopped. Who will say it to China, God knows.


Scientists of NASA have estimated that this much shifting of mass would increase the length of day by 0.06 microseconds and make the Earth only very slightly more round in the middle and flat on the top. It would shift the pole position by about 0.8 inch. Though there will be no long-term effect by this change in rotation.

Here are some facts about this China’s new architectural marvel:

1.It is the largest dam in this world which will alone produce power which is equivalent to fifteen nuclear reactors.

2. Around 1.3 million people have to be displaced in the construction of this dam which also includes flooded archaeological and cultural sites.


3. This structure is so big that some have claimed that it is even visible from the moon. But due to China’s pollution problem it is not.

4. The power generated by the 34 generators is enormous. It is equivalent to burning 25 million tons of crude oil or 50 million tons of coal.


5. Around 510,000 tons of steel was used in the construction of this Dam which is enough to build Eiffel tower 60 times.

China is in hope that this massive project will become a symbol of China’s Engineering marvel and will serve as a major tourist attraction for people all around the world.

Though apart from all the negative sides, this Dam will surely help in reducing pollution in China. It is a pure green-house emission project which is developed keeping in mind the pollution status of China. The amount of power generated is huge and is enough for fulfilling the needs of many cities. Though water pollution will still be a major problem as it is somehow contributing to it but sure it will create a greater impact on the air pollution of China in long run.

“embracing the China’s engineering”

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