17 Weird and Interesting websites to do something different online

Internet is a huge place. It has more than one billion websites. Yes, you heard that right, more than one billion. If we consider one admin to each website (just for case) then more than one-third of the population in this world which have access to Internet have their own website. Now this figure is quite Internetgetic. This internet contains a lot of interesting websites.

Among these, there are some people who have created their online presence just for showing their creativity or may be something else but these guys have developed websites which are far different from others present till now.

Here is the list of some weird and Interesting websites which are worth checking out.

1. JamesEdition

Interested in some luxury, then this is the site for you. JAMES EDITION is an online portal for buying luxury items. By luxury, I mean real luxury which a middle-class guy cannot afford. How about buying a 5-star yacht for a million. Cheap!!!! show me something expensive.

2. Iamawesome

This is the site for everyone on this earth. Just have a look and Smile.


I don’t know what the creator of this website thought before developing it but sure the type of coding done to develop this web page is amazing.

4. TheQuietPlaceProject(one of the most interesting websites online)

This is one of my favourite. This site aims to provide deep calm state of mind which will surely make you think about your life and the things you are surrounded with. Give it a hit. It’s worth trying.

5. FallingFalling

Interested in the sounds that skydivers experience while free falling. This is the place for you.

6. Tholman

Writing with pen paper is quite old fashioned now. OK!! then what about text file on a notepad. BORED again. What about writing words with words. Now it seems exciting. Tholman has an editor which lets you write anything with words. Amused. Give it a try.

7. Mapcrunch

Access any random 360 view of any random place in this world. Quite a way to kill boredom.

8. Zoomquilt

Some people always try to reach the root of the tree. If you are one of them then zoomquilt is for you. Now let’s see how deep you can go into something. Remember let me informed if you ever WIN.

9. CleverBot

Though quite outdated because of SIRI and google Allo this is an online BOT who can chat with you like for hours. Rest depend upon your capabilities.

10. Flightradar24

Want to know the location of a flight, or just want to know which plane is above you right now. This site is for you. Flightradar24 is a global flight tracking service that provides you with real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the world.

11. Pointerpointer

Jealous that your EX’s new boyfriend pointed a finger towards you. Well you have to make this your habit now and don’t give a shit to these things. Just visit pointerpointer and see how this whole world can point a finger on your cursor’s location.

12. OJ.com

Now this is called future planning. Someone has bought this domain OJ(orange juice) in hope that someone someday will buy that domain from him and become the king of orange Juice in United States.

13. Thisiswhyimbroke

Want to buy some amazing different stuff. Thisiswhyimbroke sells things which are from out of this world(may be). Check out some different things you can buy on the web today.

14. Thefacesoffacebook

There are more than 1 billion people on facebook. What about seeing the profile of all these users on a single screen. Thefacesoffacebook lets you surf through these profile pics in just one single screen. Zoom in and find yours(if you can).

15. 10minutemail

Who wants to signup with their original email on a random website,  you just want to surf for minutes. Go to 10minutemail and get a new mail ID for free(for sign in purpose).

16. Mathway

Have a complex algebra problem to solve and don’t even know from where to start. Just give your any math problem to mathway and you are done.

17. Agoodmovietowatch

Having a collection of 1000 movies but still can’t figure out which movie to watch.This site gives you a random good movie to watch. Believe me, suggestions are really good. You will thank me later.

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