Why macbooks are better than windows.

Why are MacBooks better than windows? The epic battle that has baffled the minds of many people is on the verge of a final verdict now. Which is better a Mac or a PC?

We’ve seen it played out so many times: Android vs iOS, Xbox vs PlayStation, Canon vs Nikon, FIFA vs Pro Evo. But today the battle is between the 2 giants “Macbook vs PC”.

Which is the better platform? Is there even a true winner? Well, we have compared the traits of both and now it’s up to you to decide why MacBooks are better than windows?

Source: Ars Technica

1. Design.

Apple spends years working on how its products look. The company is all about the detailing of its product, even the internals of its computers are beautifully constructed. Windows are one step behind as till now it has not been able to beat Apple’s beautifully crafted design. Apple’s design innovator Jony Ive first designed the iMac back in 1998 it came as a colorful and stylish alternative to the PC boxes favored at the time. Each and every part of MacBooks is made keeping in mind how the final user feels when he/she will use the product. Apple takes this thing very seriously about what experience customer will have after using its product. Hence a great design follows.

2. Better customer support.

When your Mac breaks or dysfunctions, you can book an appointment and take it to your local Apple Store. A specialist there can help you out with your Mac. If the problem can be fixed in one session, there’s usually no charge.

The customer service at the Microsoft Stores is great. But unlike Apple, Microsoft doesn’t make all of the computers it sells, which means they sometimes have to send it back to the manufacturer for repairs.

3. The experience.

An operating system is one of the most important aspects that defines a Mac and Windows. The operating system usually creates an environment that a user can indulge in and that indulgence is termed as experience. Windows 8 was something of a disaster in terms of design and customer satisfaction, with Microsoft trying too hard to push touch-based computing on a desktop. While the operating system of Mac’s is much more polished and satisfying.

Compatibility of hardware and software in macs made it a great satisfaction for end users.

4. Security.

Macs are much safer against malware, viruses, and other tools of the trade for malicious hackers. Whereas windows are prone to viruses and hackers. For the time being the Mac is still the safest platform as Internet-based attacks are on the rise, and hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their approaches. This is mainly due to the fact that Macs make up such a small percentage of computers worldwide, so it’s not worth hackers targeting them.

5. There are too many PCs.

More the varieties, more the confusion. This statement is a drawback for Windows. Apple offers six different computers that come in various specs and with various build-to-order options. Apple’s Macs include the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, Mac mini, iMac and Mac Pro, and from those, you’ll find a Mac that suits your budget, lifestyle and power requirements. As PCs don’t come from a single manufacturer there are hundreds of them in the market.

6. Excellent Inbuild software.

PCs have a list of excellent software available for any computer-based task. Some are for free, while others are available for purchase, but the drawback is they don’t come in the machine.

When you take a Mac you’ll find an impressive collection of very useful apps including Photos, iMovie, Garageband, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, FaceTime, iTunes, Maps and much more already installed, so you’ll be able to edit photos, make movies, create music and get your work done easily. It is possible to install Windows on a Mac alongside OS X.

7. Build Quality.

Mac’s are expensive as their build quality is much higher than Windows. If you want a device that is built to the highest standards, with top-grade components, elegant styling and almost sincere attention to detail, then Macs are for you.

Even a sleep LED in MacBook is designed in a way that looks pleasing to the user. What more one can expect from a laptop.

8. Macs can run Windows.

Macs have the ability to run Windows either through a virtual machine or directly on the system. Therefore you can enjoy the taste of both OS in Mac’s

“Every Mac has a built-in program called Boot Camp that lets you install Windows on your machine. You can divide space on your hard drive between Windows and MacOS, so you’ll have both operating systems on the same computer.”

9. Best screens.

Retina MacBooks and iMacs have screens that feature anti-reflective coatings and no air gap, which makes them the best on the market right now. Retina Macs are crystal clear winners as the quality of the screen is higher in all terms from windows.

Source: TechRadar

So, it’s up to you now to agree or to not to agree with the comparisons made over “Why MacBooks are better than windows”.

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