Why do ELEVATORS have mirrors? find out today

Ever wondered why do elevators have a big giant mirror, “NO” . Well I m going to tell you what is the case. There are many theories that it helps wheelchair persons to avoid conflict and also that it let people groom up normally. All these theories are WRONG!.

It’s all human psychology, believe me. I”m sure you all have walked into the elevator, going up or down, looking at your reflection in the mirror that is there, thinking…hmmm…”I”m looking good!!”  or “Better check if I have something stuck between my teeth!!!

Yes, you got it, that’s how psychology works. The mirrors got your mind working on something. See how easy it was to distract the mind from boredom or from the fear.

One of the reasons they have the mirrors on the walls of waiting rooms and malls is also to distract you mind so the waiting doesn’t feel so long.

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before some time, elevators were relatively slow, and many people began to complain about the speed. It was expensive to make them run at a faster speed, so the elevator designers came up with an entirely new idea.

Elevator designers surveyed people and discovered that many people thought that the ride was slower than it actually was as people did not have anything to do during the ride but to stare at the walls.

The main reason behind elevator mirrors was distracting people during their ride and it worked real good as the people who complained about the speed earlier later told that the speed had improved (this dumb human mind!).

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Also, many people suffer from claustrophobia, which means fear of being in small or closed spaces from which they feel they cannot escape. Mirrors make them feel that they are in a broader space.

Did you ever stop and wonder what the elevator would look like without the mirror?? SMALL!!!  Yup, that”s right…the mirror is placed in the elevator to give it a much larger look, therefore helping people who are claustrophobic do not break down in the elevator.

Try it next time you enter the elevator with no mirror. You will get to know the importance and the genius game which the elevator designers played with the mind of people.

Now you know why elevators have mirrors..!! Do share the knowledge 😉

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