Do you know why are water tanks are build so high?

Ever wondered why are water tanks build so high in altitude? Is it because of water pressure or just to conserve water much better. Let’s find out, look at the image below

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What do see here? Water flowing all up to the tanks through a pump and later that water is being transferred to houses. But couldn’t this have been possible if the water tank would have been on a low altitude? What’s the need of making it so higher if it can be all easy putting down? The reason is They regulate water pressure during periods of peak demand. When water demand is low, pumping stations use their extra power to pump water into the water towers as a way of “pre-pumping” the water. When demand is high, pumping stations can’t keep up, so the water in the water tower flows out to keep the pressure where it should be.

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I m still wondering You didn’t get why are they build high, LISTEN, they are high in order to generate sufficient amount of pressure.When fluids flow through pipes, pressure loss occurs, basically meaning you lose pressure as you go through a pipe, and if you have no head, you have no flow.

In order to compensate for this as well as allow a two story house to have water on the second floor, water towers were built very high. This is also why on buildings in major cities they have water tanks on the roof, i.e. gravity never turns off but electricity can and gasoline may run out.

Also making a water tank on low altitude will make it run on anti-gravity course, which is very costly and not at all economical in many ways.

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So,How did it all go? Finally, you know now why are water tanks build so high. Do share the knowledge!

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