Which is better Chrome or Firefox? Decide yourself.

Which is better Chrome or Firefox? What is your answer to this? Do you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox? Answers to all these questions are yet to be decided as we will be comparing both of these assets used in net browsing one by one and then we will decide which is better Chrome or firefox.

Here are the issues and comparisons made:

Which is better Chrome or Firefox

  • Chrome is faster, smoother, modular. Modular meaning if an element of Chrome crashes, it doesn’t bring the whole browser down with it like Firefox does.
  • Firefox seems to have a constant memory leak problem that requires you to have to close the app and re-open it from time to time in order to release the memory.
  •  Firefox goes up to the 700-800MB memory mark at times when Chrome never seems to go above 300MB, even with tonnes of tabs open in each.
  • Chrome is a much more polished browser. It’s smoother, it feels faster, and it’s got a lot of cool extra features like application shortcuts and packaged apps.
  • Firefox beats Chrome in the level of customization.
  • Firefox gets extremely sluggish after a while on Mac. Same goes for Chrome but it can last longer.
  • Chrome’s bookmark management is a nightmare. Firefox just drags and drop anywhere on the bookmark tab or menu.

Why users love Firefox?

  • Tweakable Interface & Settings

Source: makeuseof

  • User-Friendly Features

    Source: makeuseof

  • Light on Resource Usage, Privacy & Open Source

    Source: makeuseof

Why users love Chrome?

  • Lots of Useful Extensions

    Source: makeuseof

  • Polished Interface & Performance

  • Excellent Security

    Source: makeuseof

  • Cutting Edge of Web Development

Which is better Chrome or firefox: Choose yourself

If you value online privacy, want to make personalised tweaks, and want to use as few resources as possible, then go with Firefox but If you need speed, security, and extensions that aren’t available elsewhere, then go with Chrome.

It’s up to you. Choose wisely, Live well.

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