10 TIMES When SALMAN KHAN Proved to be a Rotten Superstar!

I was a big fan of BHAI.Yes,I was!!

Salman Khan being widely known is PREM is a Bollywood superstar with his weight worth in gold. He has tonnes of charisma coming out of every part of his body. He has a massive fan following, perhaps the greatest currently by an Indian film star.

Salman Khan may be a SULTAN today both on and off screen, but the hero I used to cheer for seems to have got lost in the crowd. It is almost like the man leads a double life. Salman Khan went from Being Human to Being inhuman faster than the crores Sultan has managed to take in at the box office.

But Sir, All you seem to do in your movies is beating up people and walking away from danger in slow-motion like a potato.

I see all of this and I can’t understand how you are so successful. In any other country, you would be a joke.

Some Hollywood stars have seen their careers disappear over purported crimes, insensitive statements and legal issues.Fortunately for you, India is a country that finds it easy to forgive movie stars like you in exchange for the next big hit.

From black buck hunting and shooting to his car running itself over a man on the pavement (but, of course, Bhai didn’t do it), verbal and physical abuse with girlfriends, infamous brawls at parties, underworld connections to mindless comments on rape and women, Bhai’s aggressively dabang attitude has got him in a pickle a few times, and it doesn’t seem to be easing up anytime soon.

Cut to many court dates, quick bails, cancelled jail times and oscillating court appeals, the Sultan rises from the fray again and boxes his way past the finish line once again, with yet another unprecedented bang.


In 2001, Salman reached Aishwarya Rai‘s apartment in a fury. Eye witnesses said he kept banging the door of her 17th-floor apartment for hours.He even threatened to jump off the roof. Aishwarya also accused of beating and torturing.


After so much of spat between SALMAN KHAN and AISHWARYA RAI, Vivek Oberoi  was dragged into this controversy. Vivek called a press conference and stated that Salman called him 41 times in a night, abusing and threatening him. After this, Salman Khan quoted that, ” Vivek is an idiot, He belongs to that group of people who take pangas with celebrities so that they can get their photo placed in a newspaper or magazine”.




Bhai doesn’t even ask her girlfriends to wear short clothes. A magazine claimed that Salman Khan has beaten up  his ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif when she walked in a revealing dress that showed too much of skin on the sets of EK THA TIGER(2012).


Well, you all must be knowing how the facts were manipulated and a poor person who did not had any shelter on his head was not awarded with justice. Bhai made his driver to confess the crime, and Kamaal Khan,  the only person in the car with Salman was sent to London and never called him back for the testimony.


Denied everything, and was acting like nothing has happened. Sitting in a relaxed mood, arguing and smoking a cigarette.


Khan was reported to have claimed during an interview to a Pakistani channel that the 26/11 attacks got a lot of attention because this time the high-class people were targeted. Salman Khan also said that Pakistan was not to be blamed for it, and that the Indian security forces had failed.


On a tough day, We must all say that we got raped.

I have to applaud you for somehow managing to appeal to the basic instincts in people. Your fans and supporters will gladly follow you to the end like rats followed the piper. He had the same defence every time, that BHAI has changed. He gives out ROLEX watches to the beggars and the BEING HUMAN ideology.



Can I say that I think Being Human is the biggest shit ever created? It’s obvious to anyone but to your fans, this “charity” was created as a PR stunt after your hit-and-run case in 2006 to have a strong defence.

But the fact is, you don’t donate any single penny to Being Human but your fans do. They are the ones paying money to wear your T-shirts.

I should actually thank you for making it easier to identify your fans, whenever I see someone wear a Being Human T-shirt, I can identify them so easily.

When these people will come to know that only 10 percent of their purchase in a Rs 300 crore company goes towards a charitable cause. What will they think of you?


According to me, Salman bhai, after covering up his own criminal records almost saved his friend’s son by launching him in a movie of his own production house, HERO(2015) starring SOORAJ PANCHOLI  and ATHIYA SHETTY. Sooraj Pancholi being a star kid is accused of sexual assault and murder of JIAH KHAN.

There is a small advice from an ordinary Indian(aam aadmi) that instead of being a Godfather to a person who has committed a severe crime, you should work on your own ideology, the “BEING HUMAN” ideology. And please stop threatening singers and co-actors who go against of you. If you can mark yourself as a raped woman and then call it your freedom of speech, then anyone can have it. If you’re right on your things then please act the same as you do in your movies.

At last, as a former fan of your style, I just want you to understand, someday even your fans will grow some brains and stop watching the nonsense you are forcing them to watch since 27 years.

And a kind request to his fans to stop encouraging stars like him.

Bhai, According to me you should be HEAVILY TROUNCED. I hope you grow up and behave like a 50-year old.

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