What is Android? A must read guide for all Android users!

We all know about Android. At least we have had heard about it many times in our life. So let’s get into the detail of what Android actually is and some its main components?

Android is a mobile operating system which is based on Linux kernel and is owned by Google. It was developed by Android Inc. which was founded by Andy Rubin. Google bought this company in 2005 and launched the first version of the Android operating system in 2007 under open source license.

Initially designed for the touch screen phone, it has now evolved itself to cover the other areas of electronics like TVs, smart watches and even digital cameras(not to mention Samsung did the most number of experiments with Android).

Since the launch of Android, it has become a huge success due to its open source nature and great powers. It offers mobile hardware companies a free of cost software which is developed by the best technology company in the world and that too for free and regularly updated.

Google updates Android quite frequently with the version name based on the confectionery-theme from a to z. Currently, Android 8.0 hits the market with the version named being OREO.

Currently, as per Wikipedia, there are around 2 billion active android device running in the world. Google also offers an app store for Android with millions of Apps in it. 

Development of Android:

Google develops and updates Android operating System for its core components. Any addition to the previous version is handled by Google. Once the changes are done, then update is pushed to the Android open source project where anyone can find the source code for Android.

The original version of Android which is developed by Google only could be seen on Nexus phones(now in Google pixel too). Once an update is pushed, Nexus is the first phone which gets the update After which mobile manufacturers can make changes to the Android code for making it customisable as per their product.

Android App Development:

Android app development is made super fast by Google by launching Android Studio. Anyone who wants to develop an Android application can do this by downloading Android Studio(requires programming knowledge).

After developing an Application, one has to submit to Google’s AppStore, where after review, the app gets published on the market downloadable by anyone.

Android development uses JAVA as its main programming language for developing Application.

Have a look at the Android website here. It’s neat and awesome.

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