Whacky Roman and Greek Gods ;)

We all have heard about Zeus and Hades. Also, we got to know a lot about them through movies and games like God of War etc. Who were the Roman and Greek Gods? What do these Gods signify?

Here is a quick description regarding each Roman and Greek Gods in a peculiar way that you haven’t read before 😉


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Zeus (Roman Jupiter): Father and ruler of the gods on Mount Olympus, he is the god of the sky and lightning. He once led the young Olympian gods in a rebellion against the older Titans, and he married his sister, Hera (Roman Juno).

Unfortunately, sexual fidelity has never been his strong point, and Zeus fathered many demigods by seducing a string of humans, nymphs, and other beings while wearing shapechanging disguises.


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Hera(Roman Juno): Queen of the gods, Hera, is a goddess responsible for happy and loyal marriage. Ironically, her husband Zeus isn’t a very good husband himself.

She is a rather vengeful and spiteful deity in some ways, and she spends much of her time tormenting Zeus’ many lovers and his illegitimate children. Nobody can hold a grudge like Hera.


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The Nine Muses: Nine spirits responsible for creativity and inspiration. When someone has a sudden burst of insight or feels especially creative, that person might say, “A Muse has visited me.” Traditionally, epic poems begin with a prayer to one of the muses.


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Poseidon (Roman Neptune): The chaotic among the Roman and Greek Gods, the God of the sea, the oceans, and earthquakes, Poseidon is one of Zeus’s younger brothers. He is very good at creating sea-monsters, but not very good at making land animals. (Camels and elephants, for instance, are attributed to his making; the only land animal he made that turned out okay was the horse.)

He is also prone to dangerous mood swings and temper tantrums that manifested as sea storms. His children are shapeshifters and giants that plague sailors and coastlines.


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Hades (Roman Pluto or Dis Pater): The gloomy god of death and the underworld, he runs around with a helmet that turns him invisible. (This makes a great deal of sense; nobody can ever see death coming…) The very name Hades is often used as a synonym for hell and death.

Hades is married to a young goddess he abducted, Persephone. He is often equated with Plutus, the god of wealth, in later mythology.


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Persephone (Roman Proserpine): She is the goddess of plant-life and fertility. Hades fell in love with her and abducted her, but her mother Demeter’s grief caused all plant life on earth to die. To save the world, Zeus worked out a deal with Hades.

The deal is that Persephone spends six miserable months of the year (fall and winter) in the earth with her cold husband, Hades. The other six happy months of the year, Persephone is free to roam the earth creating a new life in the spring and summer.


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Aphrodite (Roman Venus): Aphrodite is the goddess of sexuality and desire. Note that in Greek and Roman mythology, the goddess of sexual desire is a completely separate entity from Hera, the goddess of marriage. Aphrodite is married to Hephaestus (Roman Vulcan), the god of the forge and fire, but she has an ongoing affair with Ares, the god of war. (That makes perfect sense since love and conflict are often intermixed!) Sometimes Aphrodite is referred to as the Cytherean because she was born in the sea-foam off Cyprus when Zeus threw the severed testicles of the Titan Chronos into the ocean.

These testicles spontaneously impregnated the sea, and Aphrodite sprang from the ocean full-grown and naked. In other versions, Aphrodite is one of Zeus’s daughters.


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Ares (Roman Mars): The god of war, Ares is usually depicted as something of a coward and a braggart bully in Greek mythology. In Roman mythology, his equivalent Mars is something much more fierce, and along with Venus, Mars serves as one of the two great patrons of Rome.

These were some Roman and Greek Gods that had the hyped of people and creating a world of a beautifully crafted fantasy 😉

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