How to use Fire Extinguisher.

We all see FIRE EXTINGUISHER many time in a day. It is all around in public places and we all see them on regular basis. But do you ever cared how to use it in case of any emergency or fire condition or you will just hold it in your hand like a child in those conditions. Here we will tell you how to use a Fire Extinguisher like a pro so that you can be a hero in emergency conditions.

Starting with the basics, you first have to know which type of fire can be turned down by your Fire extinguisher. Basically it is written on the the body of Fire Extinguisher.

Lets have a quick look about how to understand that written part.

Fire Class
fire due to
Geometric Symbol

Class A
Paper, Wood, Cardboard, and most Plastics.
Green Triangle

Class B
liquids such as Gasoline, Kerosene, Grease and Oil.
Red Square

Class C
Electrical equipment, such as Appliances, Wiring, Circuit breakers and Outlets.
Blue Circle

Class D
Combustible metals, such as Magnesium, Titanium, Potassium and Sodium.
Yellow Decagon

Class K
Cooking oils, Trans-fats, or fats in Cooking appliances
Black Hexagon

Now since you know all the type Fire Extinguisher and considering it that you know its basic structure, its time to know how to use it. Basically there is nothing to it all you have to remember a acronym called P.A.S.S.

There are all the instructions written on it about its usage but obiviously in case of emergency you will not be able to go through them. All you need to remember is P.A.S.S.

P.A.S.S stands for:





Now let’s dig deeper into it.

Step 1: PULL the safety PIN from the handle of Fire Extinguisher.


Step 2: AIM at the base of the fire.


Step 3: SQUEEZE the trigger.


Step 4: SWEEP from side to side.


See this is it. It is the small procedure to use fire extinguisher which can save your life someday.

But always remember these things while dealing with fire.

-Always remember to be in a safe position while using Fire Extinguisher.

-Aim at the base of fire not flames.

Extinguisher will run only for few seconds. While this much is enough to pull out small fire (or may be bigger one also in some cases), always make your way to evacuate immediately if fire is not controlled by extinguisher.

-It is vital to know what type of extinguisher you are using. Using the wrong type of extinguisher for the wrong type of fire can be life-threatening.

-Once you’ve used a fire extinguisher, even if you didn’t deplete all the pressure, you must get it recharged. Do so as soon as possible. If it’s a disposable extinguisher, throw it away and replace.

Now you know how to handle Fire and the next time you will pass by a Fire Extinguisher, you will feel a nod of confidence in you.

Do share the Knowledge. It can save lives one day.

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