Our mother earth has many numbers of unsolved mysteries dwelled beneath its surface.Some strange and unexplained holes on the surface of the earth are one of them.There are many numbers of these sinkholes present around the globe,what we will be looking out are the most creepiest of them all.This list is a pick of the ten most spectacular natural or manmade holes in the face of the earth.


“The Gates To Hell”

In 1971, when the republic was still part of the Soviet Union, a group of Soviet geologists went to the Karakum in search of oil fields. They found what they thought to be a substantial oil field and began drilling.

Unfortunately, they were drilling on top of a cavernous pocket of natural gas which couldn’t support the weight of their equipment. The site collapsed, taking their equipment along with it—and the event triggered the crumbly sedimentary rock of the desert to collapse in other places too, creating a domino effect that resulted in several open craters by the time all was said and done.

The geologists thought that the fire will begin to drop to nil by 1 week,but still after 40 years of the incident,its still on flames.

“Risen by the flames”

To visit the Darvaza gas crater, it’s best to go at night, when the fire can be seen from miles away. The crater is located about 161 miles (about a 4-hour drive) from the Turkmen capital Ashgabat. Tours can be booked through agents in Ashgabat. Alternatively, some companies offer more structured tours of the surrounding area, with the Darvaza crater included (such as this tour, by The Geographical Society of New South Wales).


“3500 steps”

This marvellous hole on the surface of the earth was rumoured to be built by spirits in a single night dedicated to the Hindu Goddess of Happiness.

This is the 13 storey water well with 3500 steps.The difference also sets the temperature on the above ground to the lower level by 10-degree celsius.

“Batman’s Prison”

1000 years ago this hole was used by the people as public gathering place and now it is used for shooting movies such as Batman’s prison in the movie The Dark Knight Rises


“Measured earth’s heartbeat”

In 1982, The German Ministry Of Research begins their scientific experiment research program.This program took 12 years and the result was a 8 km deep drilled bore hole.

The Hole was so narrow that pictures were hard to get.Also, it is considered as one of the most expensive geoscience projects of all time.

“Hole shut down”

The hole now sealed shut.The approximate temperature below the surface is about 500-degree Fahrenheit.This bore hole was so deep that it can measure the Earth’s heartbeat through ultrasonic sounds.


“Middle of city”

The Guatemala city sinkhole is one of the mysterious holes on the surface of the earth.This hole opened up in 2010 in the middle of the city and swallowed a 3 story factory house along with the 15 workers working inside.

This incident occurred because of the tropical storm of Agatha which impacted Guatemala 3 days after the eruption of a volcano Pacaya.

“What a view”

The volcanic eruption resulted in enormous amount of ash which overloaded city’s drainage system and quickly dissolved huge pockets o buried volcanic deposits that the city was built on causing the surface to collapse.


“End of the world”

Among the mysterious holes generated on the earth’s surface,Siberian Mystery Crater was discovered as a geological phenomenon in 2014 when a reindeer herder discovered a 200-foot crater in the remote area known as the end of the world.

Scientists found 2 more craters and said that due to the ring of debris surrounding the outside of craters,they weren’t caused by sinkhole or meteor impact.

“What is it?”

The researchers stated that something must have exploded from melting permafrost like a methane bubble or escaped deep in the earth waiting right time to leave.That sounds creepy!


“Quite a beach”

This is quite a surprising entry in the list of holes on the earth’s surface.Discovered a few years ago when shifting sands opened up massive sinkholes beneath.

In one case a 6-year-old was swallowed entirely and instantly buried in more than 11 feets of sand.


Geologists cannot understand it and the park has been closed as a danger to the people.


“No,that’s not a whirlpool”

No,don’t confuse yourself with the image above,that is not a whirlpool and neither photoshopped.This majestic spill hole is also known as “glory hole.” This glory hole is a part of Monticello Dam napa country California.

This spill hole is largest spill hole in the world as it leads down to 304-foot or 93 meters tall.

“Glory hole”

This hole drains out of the bottom of the dam.Swimming is not permitted near the hole.An interesting fact is when it is not in using the bikers and the skateboarders use a bottom of the hole as a halfpipe.


“Home of bats”

This national natural landmark is an enormous vertical cabin 50 feet wide and 350 feet deep.Among the other holes,this one was used as a place of the shelter by American settlers and countless generation of native Americans.

This report was generated by the amount of evidence and artefacts that were discovered in the hole.

“Shelter house”

This sinkhole is the home of 3 million very creepy residents as one the largest colonies of Mexican free-tailed bats.


“Underground city”

In central Turkey, a man was renovating his traditional home when he discovered a hidden room with a covered hole in the wall.

The investigation revealed that the opening led to a massive man-made cave system that has been carved out rockover 3000 years ago to form an underground city with ventilation shafts and fresh running water.


20,000 residents and their livestock took refuge from Marauders there for months at a time.


“The money pit”

In 1795 witnesses thought they saw pirates burying treasure on a small coastal island in Nova Scotia so they started  digging and digging and digging to over 130ft deep with clues revealed in every 10ft or so promising  treasure worth hundreds of millions much more for over 200 years now.

“Diagram of the treasure”

4 people tried trying to reach the treasure and died miserably.


According to the rumours, this is the place where the Knights templar buried the Ark  of the Covenant the Ten Commandments and other Sacred artefacts.

“So these were some amazing holes on the earth’s surface according to me ,if u have any different in your mind comments are most welcomed.”

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