Why are Trees planted alongside Road dividers? Know it Today

While driving your bike or car, have you ever imagined why are trees planted alongside road dividers? What is their purpose? For greenery? There are many factors though which are responsible for this act.

During night every vehicle has its head light on, and we have high beams on highways. Generally, very less people use dipper at night. The trees planted on the dividers act as a barrier in order to avoid glare from the vehicle coming in the opposite direction and hence reduce accidents. Also, many times glare from head lights blinds the vision which is a major cause of accidents.

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Planting between the roads or dividers is taken from Ashoka’s strategy. After converting to Buddhism, he did many contributions to the land. And one such is planting the trees. He did this to help the travellers to rest under the shades of trees.

Also, the government now regulates this practice in order to expand greenery and control pollution.

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Some mentionable objectives are :

1. To enhance the visual experience of travelling.

2. To define  RoW(Right of Way: Right-of-way (transportation)) especially used for highlighting sharp horizontal curves during night.

3. To filter unsightly view from the road as well as the roadside communities from air & noise pollution.

4. To prevent the glare from the incoming vehicles.

5. To compensate the daily cutting of trees.

6. Climatic amelioration

Source : WDR

So, now you know why are trees planted alongside road dividers? Do, share the knowledge! 🙂

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