Do you know why toilet doors aren’t fully closed?

Ever wondered that why there are such huge gaps between the doors of a public toilet and ground? Never thought of it, or just ignored it. These gaps between the toilet doors are there for some particular reasons which are:

I: Cleaning can be done easily


In a small span of time, there are many restrooms to clean, so it makes the mopping and cleaning floor easier and faster.

II: It is much cheaper for the owner


Normal doors need to be made with respect to the dynamics of the room whereas such toilet doors can be put in any kind of room, cutting the cost by half if not more. Thus making it easier for the owner to maintain the cost and installation.

III: Restricts the unnecessary queue


As with the gap beneath the toilet doors, we can see other people doing their business, so there won’t be any long-standing queue for a particular door.

IV: You won’t lock yourself up


In case your toilet doors get jammed up or locked down, you don’t have to shout for help, just stand over your pot and jump down to the next or you can crawl from beneath the door ;).

V: It stops people from doing frisky business inside the stall


Yess, and by frisky business I mean vandalism, graffiti, drug abuse, or even sex. Behaviour like this has actually decreased since such stalls started being globally used.

VI: Someone can lend you a hand !!


Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you :p, It’s just I’m talking about another need in a public restroom – toilet paper! If you haven’t run out of toilet paper in such scenarios, thank your luck because it can get pretty embarrassing.

Thankfully, because these aren’t full stalls, you won’t be walking out all filthy and embarrassed. A friend or even a stranger can easily pass you one through the stalls.

So, these were the reasons why the toilet doors aren’t fully closed. Learned something new, Do share the knowledge!

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