If you love reading than Amazon Kindle 2016 is the thing for you.

Amazon refreshed its kindle e-reader in 2016 making it 11% thinner and 16% lighter than the old version. No doubt it’s still a brilliant buy for all the book worms. Let’s forget for a moment that Amazon is not the best seller of e-books but as u know the kindle is 9 years old now and still the best and this new upgrade just made it more stylish and appealing. Presenting to you Amazon Kindle 2016.

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The cheaper plastic casing isn’t top of the line, but the Amazon Kindle simplicity is its secret weapon. There are no distractions; it has touchscreen input, no backlight and just one physical button (sleep/wake/off). When you’re reading a book, you can’t get much simpler than the page and a blank white border. It’s just like (whisper it) a book. WOW!


Source: PCAdvisor

  • 6-inch e-paper display
  • 167ppi
  • Long battery life
  • Available in black or white
  • 4GB internal storage
  • micro-USB
  • Manufacturer: Amazon


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1.  Free cloud storage for all Amazon content.

2. 4-week battery life.

3. Simplicity and cheap price.

4.  Instant translation of words.

5.  X-Ray feature (To view character descriptions and important passages to remind you of events.)

6. Built-in Bluetooth

7. Wi-Fi allows you to download books.

8. Heaven for bookworms, Go on a three week holiday without a charger.

9. Durable

10. Clean and simple design.


Source: TechRadar

1. No integrated light.

Conclusion: Amazon Kindle: Yes

Go for it, Amazon Kindle 2016 is Cheap and cheerful, but still very good – it’s the perfect first e-reader. The 2016 Kindle does the basics just as well as the Kindle Oasis, which costs £200 more. Spend £200 on books instead?

Geeksnation highly recommends the entry-level Kindle if you don’t need a backlight and you want a clean, easy reading experience.

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