One of the most beautiful places on Earth: The ‘Underwater Waterfall’

Did you just read that we will be talking about a waterfall which is situated beneath the sea? Yes, it is true, brains popped?, Don’t worry let’s find it out together about this underwater waterfall.

This hidden underwater waterfall is situated in Mauritius. I was not aware that Mauritius has something so rare in the world apart from rarest plants and animal specimens.

Mauritius is an island just off the coast of Africa, close to Madagascar and Mozambique. With its stunning beaches, jewel-toned lagoons and spot of multi-colored earth, it is one of the most beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean.


And the most beautiful part of Mauritius is this underwater waterfall which is situated over there. But I have a bad news for you. For all the people who were thinking that it’s a real underwater waterfall listen up, It’s just an illusion!

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Here is the reason to it. Science easily explains that, in reality, there’s no such waterfall, just the impression of one as sand and silk sink farther into the sea, from one coastal shelf to another much, much deeper.

Wow! no one knows the earth as it seems. A beautiful illusion looking just like an underwater waterfall is a masterpiece on its own and a nature gifted sight to all the people around the globe.

Here see that for yourself:

The island of Mauritius itself is a fun place to visit. It offers luxury tourist accommodations paired with a small-town feel that many popular destination islands lose. Besides the incredible underwater waterfall, there are golf courses, shops, restaurants, spas, and bars worth checking out. Although I dare say, the most spectacular sights you’ll see are outside for free! Start packing 😉

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