The Man Of World Secretes: Jullian Assange

Complete Details of Jullian Assange, founder of Wikileaks.

Early Life

Jullian Assange was born on July 3, 1971,  in Townsville, Australia. Jullian lives with his mother after separation from his step-father in Australia. He was a GENIUS in hacking from his childhood days. He got his first computer as a gift from his mother. At the age of 16,  he developed his talent in the field of Hacking.

Professional Life

Julian Assange with his brilliant mind and talent, continued to work as a computer programmer and in software development. He dropped out from the University Of Melbourne and established “WIKILEAKS” in 2006. This website was officially launched in 2007.

About Wikileaks

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It is a self-organised organisation which do not work for any profit. It Leaks HIGHLY CLASSIFIED documents from anonymous sources. Jullian Assange is the heart and soul of this organisation. It is an Organisation consisting of the highly talented person in the field of journalism, mathematician and technologist which were acquired from different countries like U.S.A., Taiwan, Europe and Australia.

Purpose of the organisation

  • It is an organisation which focus on providing important information to the public.

  • It is an organisation which leaks information which must be known by the general public.

  • The squandering of money why and where?

  • Provides transparency between the government and the public.

Working of Wikileaks

Ans: The sources of the information are not known. There is an option on the website, which enables you to upload sensitive information. If a person has any sensitive information which should be known to others may upload the document on the website. The  Identity of that person is protected by the software on the website, which hides the identity of the person.

Major Leaks of Wikileaks

  • Iraq War Logs
  • Watergate`s deep throat
  • Cablegate
  • Stanely A.S Mc Chrystal’s was plan
  • Apache helicopter Shotting(Collateral Murder)
  • Pentagon Papers
  • Sara plain`s E-mails
  • Lil Wayne the leak

Diplomatic cable

It is a highly Encrypted message communicated between the Embassy and the foreign ministry of the parent company.

  • Releasing of  Cables:
  1.  Le Monde (France)
  2. El Pais (Spain)
  3. The Guardian (U.S.A.)
  4.  Der Spiegel (Germany)

They are the four newspaper company from different countries, which works with the WIKILEAKS. They publish selected information in the newspaper.

What were the allegations on Jullian Assange which led him to ask for the political asylum?

Ans: Jullian Assange was alleged to have committed several crimes during the visit to Sweden. The First charge was of molestation of a woman and the Second charge was rape against the another woman. Assange denies the allegation on him. Due to of threat to his life he applied for POLITICAL ASYLUM in 2012.

Questions which arises in the present scenario:

1. Why Wikileaks cannot be shut down?

Ans: The website cannot be shut down. The server is not in the United States. If anyone tries to shut down the website, it can regain the access on the other servers and can be available to others again. It is like image shared with another server, In case if the website gets shut down, it will continue from the other server as well.

2. Where is Jullian Assange?

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Ans:  In 2012 Julian Assange applied for POLITICAL ASYLUM in Ecuador Embassy. Assange applied for political asylum due to the allegation of sexual harassment on him. The Sweden Government want to bring back Jullian Assange for the Justice and further investigation. If EXTRADITION is done, then there will be threat to his life from the other countries. He can be sentenced death penalty for the crimes he did against the government. At present, Jullian Assange is at the Ecuador Embassy and running Wikileaks from their only.

   *Key Notes*

  1. Extradition: It is a process of transferring a person(who have committed a crime) to another country(where he had committed crime).

  2. Political Asylum: If a person thinks his life is in danger from his own country, he can ask another country for the asylum(means to live in that country). It provides protection to that person.

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