The BURNING MAN festival: 5000 people had sex together in this fest.

Ever dreamt of going to a place where wooing and fucking..ahh sorry mating is a daily routine. Here is THE BURNING MAN festival which holds an unusual attraction towards itself and that attraction is SEX!

For most of us, getting down and dirty at a festival is more to do with energetic dancing and a lack of shower and toilet facilities. But for visitors to BURNING MAN Festival in Nevada desert’s Black Rock City, the term has a far more sexual meaning.



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Last year’s BURNING MAN festival Orgy Dome had more than 5,000 people join in to enjoy what the inhabitants inside the tent had to offer. Inside the tent, individuals will find massage tables, mattresses lining the walls, sheets, couches and the essentials like lubricants and condoms. While inside the dome, festival attendees can also find classes on sadomasochism, group erotic massage and theme nights, ranging from threesome specials to competitions for the “loudest moaners.”



Here is the video describing what happens inside the BURNING MAN fest…

Sounds fun aye…Worth checking everyone! 😉

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