Do you have superhuman abilities to recognize faces? Check it out!

Solving crimes is much more than just getting to know the results of the security cameras. What makes it more intriguing is to have an ability to recognise faces.

Yes, we are talking about whether you have that kind of recognization superhuman power or not?. If you have then you will easily tell the difference between a criminal and a suspect.

Scientists still can’t give a detailed explanation of how the ability to recognise faces works and why some people have it and others don’t.

If you are expert at recognising people without other giving a clue about you then Congratulations you are in the category of superhuman recognizers.

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Faces are one of the most exposure able areas of a human being that collaborate all the qualities of the human being.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that the part of our brain that recognises faces is also responsible for processing colours and telling them apart. Abnormalities in this part of the brain are associated with the inability to recognise faces and why we mix them up.

Faces of the human beings give a lot more clue than his activities or other characteristics. It tells and gives us the clue that how that person sees and understands the world.


In order to check out whether you are really, a super recognizer does visit the page of Greenwich University and find out.

The test is quite simple. Just look at a picture for a few seconds, and then identify the face you’ve seen in a series of photos.

 Get more than 10 points out of 14, you’re a super-recognizer!

Take this test to find out if you really have an outstanding ability to recognise faces.

Do share your superhuman scores in comments 😉

Featured image source : Palm Beach County Criminal Suspects

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