We live in a world full of unimaginable possibilities let it be power,intelligence or food too.People around the globe have some really strange eating choices that are unbearable for most of the people.I know everyone has a different appetite but here are the ones that are completely odd to the normal people.Don’t believe me,let’s begin our post with one the scary and strange foods that are eaten around the globe.

“odd people”


“Death by eating”

Fugu is a Japanese pufferfish that contains enough poison to kill 30 people. The chefs who prepare this expensive Japanese dish must undergo years of training to be perfect at it.

It is served in a stew, grilled or as paper-thin sashimi, any small mistake in preparation could mean an untimely end of consumer’s life.

Want to try this delicacy, visit Japan between October to march.



A specialty in the town of Skuon, this creepy 8 legged crawlies have been deep fried in garlic oil until it becomes crunchy from outside and soft from inside.

They are eaten as a quick snack all over Cambodia considering it rich in protein and also increasing the beauty of the consumer.


“Is this what?”

We all are familiar with eating eggs source of protein,delicious but in Philippines people just can’t take it so normally so they invented a new dish Balut in which a duck’s embryo is developed then it is boiled with duck alive in the shell.

People there enjoy it with sprinkled chili,garlic, and vinegar. All the parts of the duck are eaten along with its wings and beak.

People eat it as a common street snack with cold beer.


“Don’t go that far”

One of the strange foods eaten all over the world has Haggis on its list as this dish contains the mixture of sheep’s heart, liver and lungs, onion, oatmeal, spices, and stock stuffed into a sheep’s stomach and boiled gently.

It is considered as Scotland’s national dish and served with a dram of whiskey to get it all down.

Haggis is conveniently available ready-made from the grocery store and is a great source of iron and fiber.


“Ants larvae”

Don’t confuse this dish with a grain salad,it is a mash of Ants larvae.Also called insect caviar, esca moles are considered a delicacy in Mexican cuisine.Due to its disgusting contents, it made up to the list of strange foods.

These little larvae are crisped up with butter or deep-fried and have a slightly nutty taste.



“No way”

You would have heard of chicken burger or bacon burgers but this is a whole new level. These burgers have a serving of  brain from a cow that is over 30 months old at slaughter.

Heavy on the calories, this sandwich is typically served accompanied with mustard and pickled onions.

Now it is banned due to mad cow disease concern in the USA but people still eat it.

BLOOD PUDDING:Europe,Asia,Kenya & Spain

“Blood..what the”

Getting up in the morning and having some oatmeal or eggs,sounds delicious right? yeah but some people take it to far just as this dish named Blood Pudding or Blood Sausage.

The name includes blood because it is made up of the blood of animal, pigs, cattle, sheep, goat’s blood are generally used depending on the country where it is made.

Blood sausage is basically made by mixing the blood of the animal to oatmeal and some other binding agent. It can be consumed in roasted, fried, grilled or even can be eaten in cold form.

In Ireland, it is one of the confirmed items to be served in the breakfast menu. In Taiwan, people enjoy the blood sausage made from sticky rice and pork’s blood.How can they??



I know now how people of Japan are so happy in terms of food, the reason is they eat everything for food.

Frog sashimi is one of their delicacy or collection of strange foods that includes the chef bringing a living frog in front of you and will take its heart out with the help of a knife while it’s still beating and alive and will proudly hand it over to you with a pair of chopsticks.

While you are experiencing a warm pumping heart going inside your stomach, the rest of the part is sliced into the plate by the chef.

It is served on ice with soy sauce and lemon slices in Asadachi restaurants in Japan.


“Please..why this?”

This is the dish for Braveheart people and its name is Cobra Heart.The cobra is split in front of you and you are offered the beating heart along with some of its own blood. The heart beats for some time when placed on the saucer. The pumping of the heart can be experienced in the throat.

The heart beats for some time when placed on the saucer. The pumping of the heart can be experienced in the throat.

This strange food is a very popular dish in Vietnam and is served with rice liquor in some places.


“kill me”

I know,don’t get mad at me,it is one of the most disgusting dishes but people eat it,I don’t know how but they do.

These are not oysters no,you got that wrong They are actually bull calf testicles – peeled, flattened, and deep fried.One of the collection in strange foods all over the world.

People of Denver enjoy it with a feeling a fullness and gratitude,let it be.

So,which food did you find the most disgusting delicacy ever? Comments are most welcomed!

“U ate what?”

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