‘Space Hotel’ is almost ready to welcome guest. If you are a millionaire, this is the place for you

The age of space tourism might be closer than you think. If you are interested in spending $1M for a space adventure, so four years from now you could be the one to stay in the orbiting hotel built by Russian company Orbital Technologies.

Commercial Space Station, the hotel will be at a height of 217 miles above the earth surface and will be able to accommodate up to seven people in four cabins with some unbelievable views out of the window.

Source: wonderfulengineering

Passengers will be taken there via Russian Soyuz rocket. Guests can watch TV , surf the internet and enjoy the thrill of anti-gravity environment.

This Hotel will offer guests all of the amenities from fresh foods(Unfortunately, alcohol will not be available) to high-quality bedding with in built showers. Wet pipes will be used for washing and flowing air will be used to move toilet waste through the system.

Travelling at high speed, passengers will be able to sight sunset in every 90 minutes.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk

Its a five days package.According to Orbital Technologies, development of the hotel is underway and it will be ready for launch by the end of 2016. 

‘Be Ready’

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