The Snake Venom Antidote: Tim Friede

Over the last 16 years, Tim Friede (37) has self-inflicted more than 160 bites just to set himself the mission of developing an antidote against some of the world’s deadly snakes. In the absence of proper laboratory and funding, the man has been climbing mountains just to prove a fact that “The Pain lets you know, you are alive“. Tim Friede has been injecting himself with the venom proteins of the most deadly reptiles by directly sanking their fangs into his skin numbering around 100 snakes including Black Mamba whose two drops of its venom can kill a person in 20 minutes failed to kill Tim Friede proving himself the only snake venom antidote.  

The man’s relationship with his family has been badly damaged resulting in the breakup with his wife, but instead of taking a stop he continues to put his life into the mouth of death by using himself a human Ginnie pig. His only aim is to prove his immunity against the snake’s poison so that a perfect antidote can be created using his DNA. He wants scientists to generate a necessary research on him for the welfare of humanity. Every time he takes in the venom, his body produces antivenoms to subtract the negativity of the poison. His body is immune to the effect of snake bites but his skin is not as the result the following effects can be observed.

The Failing of Snake venom.

The Trial of King Cobra

King Cobra is the world’s largest venomous snake (18.5 to 18.8 ft). The amount of neurotoxin that a king cobra can emit in one bite is enough to kill 20 people or a fully grown elephant. Although fortunately, The King cobra is shy and keeps his distance from the mankind but Tim Friede is a different kind of man and totally frank with snakes. He’s proven that his body can indeed withstand toxic quantities of snake venom but surviving two drops of King Cobra’s venom is somewhat attracting and shocking too. The trial does have some side effects including life-threatening reactions in and on his body that creates some deep punchers on his skin left by the keen fangs and eye shaped swelling. But we all know that surviving is all that matters and Tim Friede has survived all the 160 bites till now leaving the mankind baffled. These deadly trials proved that he is one and only snake venom antidote for us.

King Cobra’s disappointment

The Basement of Death

Tim Friede is currently giving shelter to dozens of deadly venomous snakes in his basement of his Milwaukee home. The basement contains many glass drawers and crates containing deadly reptiles and he is constantly testing himself for proving the venom of snakes ineffective on his body by putting his life on the line of hope. He believes his efforts will one day make a real difference for snakebite victims all around the world.

The Storage of Devil.

He believes that continuously exposing himself to the venom makes him eventually immune.

Below is the shocking video of Tim Friede creating a difference between humans.


TIM FRIEDE IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THE SAYING ” What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” 

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