Snake island: A place of nightmares

We all are excited about Islands and love them. Who do love island because they are full of oceanic beauty and lush green environment. But what if I drop you in an island full of poisonous snakes. When I say full of poisonous snakes I really mean it. Yes! Let me introduce you to Snake Island.

Located off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean this island is originally called Ilha da Queimada Grande. It is called Snake Island because of a large number of snakes found in this land which makes it impossible for humans to go there.


Untouched by human developers, Researchers estimate that on this island there are one to five snakes per square meter. This temperate climate island has different types of terrain ranging from barren land to rainforests.

The snakes on this island feed mainly on migrating birds and have adapted to live in those conditions over time.


Now, what about the venomous level of these snakes.

Snakes live on this island are are a unique species of Pit Viper which are responsible for 90 percent of Brazilian snakebite-related fatalities. These snakes contain fast acting poison which starts to melt human flesh as soon as it enters the human body.

Its venom is 5 times more threatening than the venom of an ordinary snake.


This unique species of snake is not found anywhere in this world except for this island. There are around 40 hundred thousand snakes on this planet.

It is officially forbidden to go near to this island. The last person who went there was a fisherman who was found bleeding to death.


Now this is really dangerous. Chances are that you may survive trespassing White house than surviving on this island. There is still a lighthouse situated on this island which was maintained by a family who was found dead when snakes make this island as their new habitat.


Marcelo Duarte, a biologist who has visited Snake Island over 20 times, says that “the locals’ claim of one to five snakes per square meter is an exaggeration, though perhaps not by much. One snake per square meter is more like it.” Not that should ease one’s mind: At one snake per meter, you’re never more than three feet away from death.

Rest this is the place I least want to go to. It is the least island you want to struck on. I would better try to trespass White House rather than going to this island.

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