Skills that every 21 years old should know

Being in the twenties is one of the most crucial phases in our lives, but that crucial phase decides the path that we are going to take. There is a quote which states that “Hustle in your twenties to spend in your forties”. We all ignore it in the mindset of enjoying in these years but we should remember one thing, the twenties of an individual is the future deciding phase, it will surely sum up to the life you are going to have in your later ages and mind that, luxury comes with an effort and effort needs time and this is the time. Developing skills should be the main focus now.

Here are the important skills that you need to know in your twenties to reap the fruit in your forties.

1. Make passive Income.

Source: Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Learn to make an app and put in it on google play or app store.

2. How to start a conversation.

Source: PopSugar

Learn to start a conversation with anyone, maybe a woman, any older person or anyone within your industry.

3. How to live cheap.

Source: The New York Times

We should all know how to live cheap and save up to 70 to 80 percent of your savings. It would really come to use to something important.

4. How to cook.

Source: EMGN

Learn how to cook basic food items so that you won’t starve when alone at misery.

5. Read, read and read.


Read more books, yes they will let you know how can you gain wisdom and put it straight in your life.

6. Learn how to manipulate.

Source: Psychopath Resistance

Allow your enemies their space to hate, they will destroy themselves.

7. Learn how to organise things

Source: Reader’s digest

Organising things make you a better person to handle responsibilities. Learn to organise parties and events to be better at it. 

 Learn these skills and be different from the crowd, You will make the difference!

featured image source: Board of Innovation

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