8 short facts you need to know about ‘STARS’.

Stars are proof that light can be found in darkness. So there are many things you need to know about Shining Stars.

#1.  Stars are made of gas.

Source: salon

#2. Blue stars are the hottest stars.

Source: davidreneke

#3. The Sun is a green-blue star.

Source: tc-pbs

#4. Stars don’t actually twinkle.

Source: abergavennyas.org

#5. Looking at stars is looking back in time.

Source: astronoteen.org

#6. Most stars exist in pairs.

#7. The Sun produces 100 billion hydrogen bombs every second.

Source: huaxia

#8. Every Star in the night sky is bigger and brighter than the sun.

Source: iacpublishinglabs

Featured image source: buzznet

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