17 useful run commands that Windows user should know.

We hardly remember when we had used the word WINDOWS to reference an Actual window,one which is embedded in our homes.Computers have such a great importance in our lives that we are completely or partially dependent upon them for our daily activities.If such is the case then probably we all are familiar with the famous Run Prompt in it i.e


As per Wikipedia:”It is used to directly open an application or documents whose path is known“.It functions more or less like a single-line COMMAND LINE INTERFACE.

It is most commonly used to open Command Prompt(also known as cmd.exe) to perform some operations which are not accessible through User Interface.

For those who are unfamiliar with it(just in case),It looks like this by simply pressing R key with Windows button.

Though looks like a small prompt box,Its power is enormous and can be used to access many internal applications directly which would have taken you years to find out.

Here are some Run commands which proved highly beneficial to access some of your PC’s  Application.


Type appwiz.cpl in your Run Prompt and it will directly land you to your PC’s  ‘uninstall or change a program’  section.Here you delete an application or change it.


It will open up your Bluetooth Control Wizard’ for quick settings.


The most famous run command for opening ‘Command Prompt’.


Want to access the internal computer management? This one is for you then.It will open up ‘Computer Management Wizard’ for you.Freely feel like an Administrator.


Not that much useful(of course you have a time bar in your taskbar),It is used to open up ‘time and date properties’ of your computer.


It lands you to your ‘Device Manager’  for quick access.


Frustrated with the slow speed of your computer.Cleanmgr opens up ‘Disk Cleanup Utility’ of your system.Go and clean your Disk for faster speed.


Want to add a Drive in your MyComputer or probably want to delete one.Just type diskmgmt.msc in rum prompt.It will open up  ‘Disk Management Section’ of your computer for you.

9.control fonts

This one is may be new for many.You can use any font that you love for your computer.


This command is used to open windows built in ‘Malicious Software Removal Tool’.Rest It’s name is enough.


It opens up ‘OnScreen Keyboard’ for not giving a fuck to any KeyLogger.


Interested in keeping an eye on the ‘performance’ of your computer.This one is for you.


Want to take revenge with yourself.Just type Regedit in your run prompt and edit some files there(may your computer rest in peace!! Kidding).It opens up ‘Registry Editor’ of your System for some serious work(Don’t worry Majority of people don’t understand this Editor though quite useful in many cases).


It opens up the ‘Services’ page of your system.


Will fly you directly to ‘System Configuration Utility’.


Msinfo32 gives you all the information related to your system.You will be amazed by getting to know this much about your Computer.


Opens up ‘Direct X Troubleshooter’


Apart from these, there are many other commands which could be found useful to you(Ask the God ‘Google’).

In addition Just type temp, %temp%, prefetch on your run prompt and delete all the files which open up in a folder.These are junk and temporary files created by windows which takes up much memory of your computer and lowers it’s speed.

‘Hope this post fills some of your BrainWell with Windows Info’.

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