The reason behind White noise on tv.

Have you ever experienced white noise on tv? or you can say a littering “HUMM” noise on your tv screen with the snowy white background? Yes, now you remember, the most annoying feature from the age of Analog TV.

Now, what was the reason behind these white noise on tv? Well, today at Geeksnation we will find the reason behind these white noise on tv.

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White noise on tv: Reason 1

A TV antenna is a sponge for radio energy, collecting lots more than just the desired signal. Snow or White noise on tv is the result of the TV attempting to turn stray signals into an image, signals from radio stations, emissions from power lines, transformers or appliances, or even from the electrical noise of the circuits on the TV itself.

The result is the strangely calming ant-dance of black on white that we call snow or white noise on tv.

White noise on tv: Reason 2

White noise on tv has another source, a source far from this planet in both time and space. Mixed in with the noise of Earthling civilization are radio echoes of the Big Bang, the moment of the Universe’s creation 13 Billion years ago. The universe started out very small and very hot, and has been expanding and cooling ever since.

As it cools, the Big Bang’s fossil radiation sheds radio energy. And when those indescribably ancient radio waves run down into your analog TV, the TV’s circuitry interprets it as an image, and that’s it, white noise on tv.

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How to correct it?

1. Check the connections between your television and cable box and tighten them, as loose cables may result in a snowy picture.

2. Move high-powered electronics, such as a computer monitor or microwave, away from the TV. These devices emit electronic interference that causes white noise on the TV.

3. Press the “Input,” “Source,” “Mode” or “TV/Video” button on the remote control. Select the correct input on the TV. For example, if you connected the TV to a cable box via HDMI, select the HDMI input.

4. Press the “Pause” button on the remote control, if applicable. Some televisions have a freeze feature that lets you pause the picture, and this may cause static or snow.

5. Press the “Reset” button on the front or back of the cable box. If you can’t find the button, unplug the power from or turn off the cable.

So, Now you know the mystery behind the white noise on tv or snow. Do share the knowledge.

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