Was Ravan better than Ram.A must Read!

Ram in comparison of Ravan! You must be thinking, what kind of question is this. Even I thought the same but trust me, while this post ends you will be thinking about it as I am right now. I will be forwarding you towards a conversation between a mother who is going to give birth to a baby and her daughter.

Here is the conversation between a girl and her pregnant mother:

Mother : “What do you want- a brother or a sister?”

Daughter : Brother

Mother : Like Whom?

Daughter : Like RAVAN

Mother : What the hell are you saying? Are you out of your mind?

Daughter : Why not mom? He left all his Royal ship and Kingdom, all because his sister was disrespected. Even after picking up his enemy’s wife, he didn’t ever touch her. Why wouldn’t I want to have a brother like him?

What would I do with a brother like RAM who left his pregnant wife after listening to a “Dhobi”, though his wife always stood by his side like a shadow? After giving “Agni Pareeksha” and suffering 14 years of exile.

Mom, you being a wife and sister to someone, until when will you keep on asking for a “RAM” as your son???

Mother was in tears!

So, how did you find it? Was the daughter’s perception towards an ideal brother was wrong?? Is she disrespecting someone or giving a valid point??

Ask yourself just once and don’t be biased. It’s just you who needs to think over this matter.

What I wanted to say through this post was “No one in this world is good or bad. It’s just an interpretation about someone. Change your perception!”

Let me tell one more irony of life : A temple is a very interesting place – The poor beg outside and the rich beg inside.


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