Project Ara, Google’s Modular phone.


Gone are the days when you had to see the specifications of a phone before buying it, Project Ara is here which lets you choose the specifications that suit your needs. Project Ara is a codename  for the upcoming new modular phone by Google’s Advanced Technology & Projects (ATAP) group which can let you change the hardware of your Phone just like Software apps.

It’s been years that there is no Significant innovation in the field of smart phones.The stakes are so high and the scale is so big, no one can afford to take chances.That is the key which Google opted to change the vision of the industry by introducing the concept of Modular phones.

In the three years since work first started on Ara,and apart from its failed drop test in 2015,this year at Google I/O,2016  Ara’s key innovation finally works. Spokesperson places his phone on a table, and says the magic words.

“OK Google, eject the camera.”

When the phone’s camera pops out of its socket, all by itself, the crowd erupts with applause.

Originally,Ara would have let you build your own Phone just like a PC.All you need is to swap out the Processor and other components and replace them with the newer ones.But now, only some relevant features will be available to change as Study says that users are not much interested in core components of their phone.They just want to upgrade their external perhaps more user-friendly features like display,camera and memory.

Prototype of Ara developer Edition

When the Project Ara Developer Edition will ship this year, it will come with four modules to start:

a speaker,a camera, an E-Ink display and an expanded memory module.Though it doesn’t sound quite interesting,It will surely change the smartphone industry because even high priced smartphone also don’t offer any of these features.

In future,Ara will not only limit itself to cameras, batteries and speakers as Ara team is interested in making this new platform easy to develop so that there can be a lot more innovation from third-party developers to make products that have never been thought to be integrated into a smartphone.

and how it will look like:

Google will not have full control over the design and specs of each module by other developers,it is going to enforce some aesthetic standards to ensure that users won’t end up with a “NASCAR phone.”
Brands will be able to put their logos on modules, but only in small, tasteful ways.

Even though all module roads run through Google, the Ara team insists that it’s still creating an “open platform” that anybody can develop on.
There will be a module development team that will help developers figure out how to make new hardware.


The device will be out for developers to try sometime this fall, while consumers will be able to get their hands on it at some point next year.To celebrate this news,Google has launched a video on youtube,showcasing its new Product which is almost ready to be shipped.


Clearly Ara has come a long way, but the biggest test comes later this year.Though Ara team still don’t know how many units they would sell,but they are expecting a lot.Though there is a lot more work to be done on design and software part,still this innovation will leave a great impact on market.And, of course, they have to find out if anyone actually wants to buy this thing. But they’ve already done something special.

“embracing it”

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