Possible Villain Of JUSTICE LEAGUE

Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman gave us the clue for the possible villain of Justice League. As we have seen the deleted footage from the movie in which the multifaceted witty psychopath Lex Luthor was being encountered by one of the most awaited space tyrant STEPPENWOLF of Apokolips.

Steppenwolf, who is born to be wild is an Apokoliptian General and also a member of Darkseid’s Elite. According to Lex, Steppenwolf is gonna lead an army against Earth. The army will embody hundreds of Parademons as manifested by Batman’s dream sequence which was caused due to alternate timeline showed by the speedster The Flash. In the dream, Batman fought the Superman’s army and para demons but was captured as the army had some Giant para demons. Prademons are the one loyal and personal shock troops of Darkseid. The original Parademons are created at the behest of Darkseid. They are genetically engineered and harvested in Apokolips’ laboratories. They are bred only for war. They fly through the air and carry powerful weapons which can be used to quell the rabble. We are gonna watch them in live action in Justice League movie.

Parademon taking Batman down.

The Omega Symbol

Also, the dream included the Darkseid Omega symbol burned into the ground which suggests cosmic supervillain Darkseid himself. The symbol Omega represents his corruption as he harnesses the Omega Effect which gives him power hold upon numerous abilities. Omega Beams are one of his chief ability. Omega Beams can track his targeted opponent and will erase them from existence as a result. Also, the Omega Beam can resurrect the dead if he chooses. Now, What Batman saw in his dream was not a dream but an alternate REALITY which most probably could be The Flash Point Paradox in which the unmatched Superman has turned evil after the death of his love Lois Lane (probably killed by Joker). Most of the plot will be cleared in the movie Justice League.


The Mother Box

We also have noticed the Mother Box in BvS two times. As the Motherboxes are invented by Apokoliptian scientists, they can easily relate to Darkseid. We got the first glimpse of the Mother Box when Dr. Silas Stone was trying to save the life of his son Victor Stone i.e. Cyborg with the help of the Mother Box though it was an agonising birth. As the Mother Box attaches themselves to the host and protect them with the dark matter. The experiment was carried out in S.T.A.R. LABS as shown below at the bottom right (property of S.T.A.R. LABS). S.T.A.R. LABS is the same place where Barry Allen (The Flash) works. These boxes can do the impossible including the change of gravitational constant and it is also capable of opening boom tubes for interplanetary transportation.

Birth of Cyborg

As shown above, Dr. Silas Stone have got the Mother box already that means Darkseid or his troops have visited Earth before through planetary transportation.

The second glimpse of the Mother Box was in the deleted footage of BvS as shown at the top in which the AI of Kryptonian Ship taught Lex Luthor about Steppenwolf in which he was carrying three MotherBoxes. 

Justice League Trailer Clues

As we have seen the trailer of Justice League and everyone is quite excited and hyped. The trailer gave us the sight of one of the Mother Box being buried underground hundreds of  years ago by some king as to keep the Mother Box out of reach of anyone.

Mother Box

The trailer also showed us that The Batman is recruiting the Justice League members and Wonder Woman, who completed the trinity in BvS is helping Batman in enrolling the members. It started with the first meet of Batman and the bad-ass Aquaman though Aquaman didn’t look happy at all as Batman tries to blow his cover indirectly. Batman is known to pick fights with the people that can kill him. 

Courageous Batman

After Aquaman, The Batman was sighted at our speedster Barry Allen’s hideout (or house) where he was sitting in the Dark on Barry’s second favourite chair. Now without arguing much with Barry about his lightening speed power, Batman takes a test by throwing an unexpected Batarang at The Flash. Barry by nature catches the speeding Batarang in the air in seconds proving himself The Flash. Now, Barry vigorously agreed to join the team of Batman by telling him that he need friends and he asks Batman that if he can keep the Batarang with him.

Slow Time for The Flash


In the trailer, the meeting point of Victor Stone and Bruce Wayne is not shown. Possibly Victor Stone lives in Gotham as shown in the trailer he is wearing a jacket of Gotham University. But later Mother Box version of Victor Stone i.e. Cyborg meets Batman where he tells him that he heard about Batman but didn’t think that he was real. Batman assures his teammate that he is most definitely real “when it’s useful”.

MotherBox Version

Though Cyborg is gonna be one of the most powerful Justice League members as he is capable of unleashing the impossible.

We all can have a look at the fascinating trailer of Justice League trailer:

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