These photography short tutorials is what every photographer must follow.

“Just buying a DSLR doesn’t make you a photographer.”

Though I also own a DSLR and consider myself as a photographer. P.S no regrets! Kidding

Well, photography is the art which can develop your vision to see the beauty in everything. When comes to a hobby, this skill ranks 2nd.(First is always music). To capture something beautiful is the most exciting feeling in the world of photographers.

It creates a feeling of happiness. Yes, just a single good click can do it. There is no bad in photographing with AUTO mode but what about a step ahead. What about some rules, simple rules that can add some charm to your photos. Then let’s develop some feeling of being an expert photographer and keep it professional. Here are some photography short tutorials for you which can surely enhance your skill of photography and some professional effects in your talent. 

“Remember Most photography rules are more like guidelines. Don’t be afraid to break them and experiment a little.”

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