New weapons to come in Indian Army in future. See all of them.

“We kill by profession”, I read this while my travel to Dalhousie written by Siachen unit camped there. Indian army gives goosebumps for their certain attributes like courage, attitude and their weapons. Today we are going to explore the new weapons to come in Indian Army in future. The list is long and interesting so sit back and enjoy this collection of new weapons to come in Indian Army in future which are probably very dangerous and will make feel a lot safe.

1. Arjun MK-II Main Battle tank.

Source: Military Today

  • Enhanced protection suite.
  • Upgraded weapon firing system.
  • Night fighting capabilities.
  • Air defence system to counter aerial targets.
  • Laser Homing Attack or Laser Homing Anti-Tank (LAHAT) third generation anti-tank guided missile.
  • The main weapon is 120-mm rifled gun.Weight: 65 tonnes, Power: 1500 HP, can strike targets as far as 8 kilometres away.

2. INS Vikrant / IAC-I.

Source: Wikimapia

  • Stretches up to 22 stories into the sky.
  • Will carry a mix of Mikoyan MiG 29K aircraft and the naval version of Tejas.
  • The MiG 29K aircraft has a range of 3000 kilometres and can strike targets with high-value precision attacks. The aircraft can be employed in air-air, air-surface and air-ground attacks.
  • Will play the role of Anti-submarine and multi-role helicopter.
  • Weight: 45000 tonnes.

3.  HAL Tejas Mark – IP.

Source: Quora

  • AESA radar.
  • Electronic warfare suites.
  • Highly advanced avionic suites.
  • Equipped with in-flight refuelling probes to increase the range of the aircraft.
  • Can reach speeds up to 1.8 Mach thanks to the General Electronics (GE) manufactured F-404 turbofan engine.
  • Combat radius: 500 kilometre.
  • Weight: 9500 kg.

4. Hypersonic Brahmos Cruise Missile.

Source: International Business Times

  • Can fly at variable speeds of 6-7 Mach, the kinetic energy produced by this speed can prove to be a death blow.
  • 200-kg warhead.
  • Range of 300 km.
  • Can be launched from land, air, sea and submarine platforms.


Source: The Aviationist

  • Will serve as the frontline long range bomber for the IAF.
  • Will carry missiles, precision-guided bombs, and munitions.
  • Flying at extremely high altitudes, this will have the power to not be intercepted.
  • Can fly at around 32000 feet.

6.  Kalvari Class Submarines/ Project-75.

Source: Indian Navy

  • The hull of the submarine is fabricated with HLES-80 high-grade steel, giving the ability to dive at greater depths.
  • Powered by two diesel engines which are complemented by two Jeumont – Schneider EPM Magtronic batteries.
  • Can strike land targets and surface targets with the help of Exocet Anti-Shipping Missiles (AShM).
  • Will be used for reconnaissance, mine laying, intelligence missions, and anti-shipping operations.

7. Dassault Rafale.

Source: Wikimapia

  • An all-weather aircraft that can be deployed for carrying out air-air, air-ground, interception, and nuclear missions.
  • Powered by 2 Snecma M88 turbofan engines.
  • Can reach speed up to 1.8 Mach.
  • Comba radius: 1900 km.
  • Can carry an array of missiles and munitions to counter any airborne or ground threats.
  • Capable of striking targets deep within enemy territory.

8. Agni – VI Ballistic Missile.

Source: Python Point

  • DRDO have confirmed the missile to have 6-8 MIRV for targeting multiple strategic targets.
  • Can bring the whole of China and Europe under its strike umbrella.

9. Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA).

Source: Indian air force

  • Powered by two NPO developed Saturn izdeliye 117 engine.
  • Can reach altitudes up to 65,000 feet and cruise at speeds of 2.3 Mach.
  • Range: 3500 km.
  • Fitted with ECM suite, electro-optical suite and laser based ultraviolet sensors as countermeasures against incoming threats.
  • Will be used for neutralising air-air, air-ground, radiation missiles and guided munition.

10. INS Arihant.

Source: The economic times

  • Can carry a one-tonne nuclear warhead.
  • Equipped with Panchendriya SONAR system and USHS SONAR systems.
  • With this, India will be able to pop up in the Arabian Sea or the South China sea and fire ballistic missiles towards Pakistan or China if attacked with nuclear weapons.

Here is the video comprising of all new weapons to come in Indian Army in future.



“Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again” 

– Indian Army.

featured image source: Indian army pics

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