5 most brutal Prisons in history which are a prefect choice for terrorists.

If you have ever thought of committing a crime and spending rest of your life in prison thinking of peaceful redemption then think again!.There were some brutal prisons in the world which were so violent and strict in their management that gave me goosebumps. You must be thinking what crap I am talking about but you will lose your senses after reading this list of most brutal prisons that existed in this world.


“What the hell”

This cruel method was practised prior to 1920 was implemented on Mongolian prisoners who were facing death sentences.

In this method, the prisoner was confined to a 3*4 foot wooden coffins for years. These boxes were kept in the prison of Urga,Mongolia within dark dungeons surrounded by the 15-foot high stockade of sharpened timbers.

Urga prison

Prisoners were given food through the 6-inch hole in their boxes and their filth was washed in every 2 or 3 weeks. Just imagine how can any person stay around his own filth unable to move his hands and body.

These cells did not allow prisoners to fully sit and lie down and also their hands were handcuffed. Many prisoners were frozen to death when the temperature got below zero.



“The Mamertine”

Romans! they were the first to introduce punishment to prisoners in prisons. The Mamertine in ancient Rome was first brutal prison built in 640 B.C.This prison was made beneath the sewer system in Rome and could only be reached through a hole in the floor.

“Entry hole”

6 and a half ft room was located 12 feet underground which was 30 feet long and 22 feet wide permeated by the vile stench of waste. Prisoners were brought to Mamertine in order to wait for their execution or starve to die out of sight.

“Inside the Mamertine”

There was an iron door which was opened to Cloaca maxima where the dead bodies were dumped into the Tiber river.

“Body canal”




Camp Sumter at Andersonville,Georgia was one of the most brutal prisons that existed. It was opened as Confederacy’s largest prison during the end of American Civil War. The prison was situated in a small valley surrounded by 16ft pine logs demarking a 19foot shoot to kill zone.

Around 33,000 people were crammed up in space for 10,000 polluting the only fresh water source with the corpse and human waste.

“prison life”

Around 1/3rd of the prisoners in the camp died of dysenterystarvation, and many other diseases.

“prisnor suffering from starvation”



Hoa lo prison was one of the most brutal prisons for American prisoners and also it was named as “Hell’s hole” aka “Hanoi Hilton”. During the Vietnam war, The Viet congress used to interrogate and severely torture captured US pilots.

Prisoners were kept behind 20foot walls topped with barbed wires and broken glass and were routinely beaten and held in solitary.

The major goal of Vietnam congress was to break the will of US pilots so that they can give some critical information regarding the US government.


“It’s easy to die but hard to live” told the prison guards to the new arrivals “and we will show them how hard is to live.”


“inside view of ship”

During the American revolution, the HMS jersey was considered as the most brutal of 16 British prison hulks and was nicknamed as “HMS Hell”.

Under 1000 prisoners were crammed below the deck with immense heat and darkness that led the prisoners to stay naked all the time.

“HMS Hell”


Dead bodies could go undiscovered for 10 days and all those who are too weak from sickness are eaten alive from vermin. Men died at the rate of 12 per day, their bodies were either thrown from the ship or were buried in the shallow mass graves at the edge of the shore.

It is believed around 12,500 men died in the hulls of the prison and merely 1400 were released.


“So these were some of the scariest and brutal prisons that existed in our ancestral timeline. Which one of them did haunt you the most?”

“No,No way”

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