Microsoft Hololens : A New Aeon of Blended Reality

As we all know technology is all around us , we use it in our every manner of life. We have seen technology do amazing things but what if we go further – what if we go beyond the technology where our digital world is mingled with our actual world. Microsoft Hololens welcomes the world with holograms. Holograms in Windows 10 will lead to entirely new ways for us to communicate, create, and explore. Hololens is essentially a holographic mainframe built into a headset that lets you see, hear and interact with holograms within an environment such as a living room or an office space. The platform Windows Holographic built around the API of Windows 10. Microsoft has aimed HoloLens for release with the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition at the cost of US$3000 (about ₹2,01,416.85). Microsoft has begun shipping of this product from March 30, 2016. At this time the product is available in English Language only.

What is Hololens entirely ?

Microsoft Hololens is a smart-glasses headset that is wireless with self-contained Windows 10 machine. The design is a visor glasses unit connected to an adjustable padded inner headband.Microsoft has used a high-definition stereoscopic 3D optical head-mounted display and spatial sound to allow for enhanced reality applications . The user interface is very natural as the user can interact with through gaze, voice, and hand gestures.Microsoft Hololens features an energy efficient depth cameras, an ambient light sensor , a four microphone array ,etc.

Holographic Processing Unit of Hololens integrates all the data from the sensors like voice, speech or gesture recognition. Microsoft HoloLens generates a multi-dimensional image visible to a user so that he or she perceives holographic objects in the physical world. It leaps into 3-D computing with Windows Holographic.

Interior of Hololens

What will it enable us to do?

The Hololens opens up a world of possibilities. It allows us to place holograms in our physical environment. Now there are more new ways to visualise our work , more incredible ways to play and much more exciting ways to explore the universe . Has anyone ever been to mars?  This product of Microsoft gives you the all new technique to collaborate and explore the places in the Universe you have never been . With the Hololens , the holograms can move, be shaped, and change according to interaction with you.

This Hololens gives you the birth of the things you only imagine that means you can create the things you assume. You can watch the football match on the wall just with the help of this Hololens invention or see the gaming world in your room. The Hololens will help expand the Windows ecosystem far beyond the PC. With Bluetooth, the headset can now be used with a new Clicker accessory, which comes with the developer edition in which gesture is not used for navigation. You can also choose to connect a keyboard through Bluetooth.

Everything just on your fingertip.


Ready to start creating your first hologram? Here’s what you need to get started.

First of all your machine must be running Windows 10 then you have to get the latest version of Visual Studio (including the free community edition). Windows 10 SDK has been included in the Visual Studio which contains the Holographic APIs. Register as an app developer here  and you also have to download the Hololens Emulator in order to test your apps without the device. The copy of Unity that supports Hololens Development is also required. Once you have all the required tools installed, you set-up your hololens for development.

On your hololens , firstly go to your settings then go to update and there is the option for you i.e For Developers. Turn On the developer mode and enable device managements. To pair your hololens you have to connect via USB and go to the windows device portal for the pin and while looking through the hololens you’ll see the unique pin. Now, go back to windows device portal and enter the pin along with the Username and Password. Pair the hololens with your PC by using the same Username and Password. Now , START DEVELOPING.

Do not forget the Specifications

Microsoft Hololens consists of:

  1. Qualcomm 8084 2.7 GHz quad core processor,
  2. 4 GB Pop LP-DDR3 RAM
  3.  storage from 16 GB up to 128 GB
  4. 1400mAH Lithium-Ion Batteries(at the side sticks of Hololens)
  5. Bluetooth 4.0 (802.11 ac GPS/GLONASS),720P Autofocus Camera at 100fps at the
  6. 720P Autofocus Camera at 100fps at the front of the Hololens and also Removable Photochromic Shields.

The forehead of the Hololens consists of 3 Accelerometers, 3 Gyroscopic sensors, 3 Magnetometer sensors, Pressure sensor and Humidity sensor. The product also has Custom ReticleOS framework atop Android Kit Kat .

Yo can grab yours from Microsoft official site:


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