The KRV’s HOOLIGANISM Will Leave You Ashamed Of Being Indian

Our India is called the largest democracy in the World and is the seventh largest country (by area). Regardless of various religious groups in India, it has never lost the culture of unity. But the fact of constant unlawful behaviour and vandalism in India can’t be shrug off. We all know Power is Everything in politics, but the use of power in the wrong way should be criticised. Now, we should read about KRV’s hooliganism which had occurred two years ago and has been forgotten by everyone.

The ACT Of KRV’s Hooliganism:

On 22nd of July 2014, The Karnataka Rakshana Vedike‘s President (KRV) which represents Karnataka Protection Forum, thrashed the Common Toll Booth operator in Chitradurga, Karnataka as the operator was doing his duty by asking the toll fee. KRV is a right wing Kannada conservative organisation. This organisation has over 60 lakh followers from India as well as abroad. It is so Ironical that the main agenda of the forum is to protect the interests of its people. The booth operator never thought of that harsh outcome from the President’s followers. The common man’s duty was to ask for toll fee from everyone passing by the toll and he did the same with the KRV but as the outcome, the official people with the rioting attitude came out of the car and started abusing and ravaging the booth and its operator.

The entire scenario was recorded on the CCTV which was located inside the booth. The video shows the hostile behaviour of president and his comrade. They snatched the innocent worker and also gave damage to the property. Windows, keyboard, and monitor were broken into pieces until a brave attendant got involved to stop the rampage. The KRV’s hooliganism is senseless and is unforgiven and punishable.

There have been many such incidents like KRV’s hooliganism across the country where the operators have become the victim of the outrage and still we all Indians are sitting tongue-tied reading the acts.


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