How to know about a fake friend request on Facebook?

Facebook has always been a social portal for many people in the 21st century to make connections with different people all around the world. Now connections are good unless they are not fake. Yes, we are talking about fake friend request that is used as a trap for many people around facebook. Now how do you differentiate between a fake friend request and a real one? It’s tough ain’t it, but don’t worry I have some points that can save you from this misery in the future.

I : Beware of ANGEL PRIYA or any names like that

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Not every person with an Angel in front of her name is fake, but this is a common weapon by all the fake peoples, so Beware of it.

II : Check for individual photos

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Yes, check out their clicks, let it be selfies or albums where you can spot that person and take a close look that the person in each photo remains the same. Many times you have ample photos for the person but each photo is different, check for it!

III : Check the About Us and Mutual friends

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This is a fact either the about us for the person sending you request will be incomplete or fake. Check that out!

IV : Check what they share

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This is one of the major eye openings in knowing whether a person is fake or not. Look for the shares, how relevant they are.

V : Check if they message you first

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Yes, if they message you and really flatter you with their messages, Beware you are going to fall in a trap. And mostly if you receive a direct I LOVE U message consider it you are being played. I believe in love at first sight but through the internet and if u haven’t seen the person yet, Beware it’s a trap.

So, next time if you get a fake friend request, Know it wisely and don’t fall in the Trap. Do share the knowledge!!

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