The james bond of India : Ajit Doval

The name is Bond, James Bond. I am a 007 fan. I love the way he never fails to make an everlasting impression on my mind with each movie. Whether it’s Daniel Craig in Skyfall or Pierce Brosnan in Die another Day; the undercover operations and the action sequences of James Bond always start pumping adrenaline in my body whenever I watch those movies. Then I thought, does India to have a person just like the persona and confidence that James bond carry?

And just when I got to this thinking, I stumbled across an answer on Quora which had more than 1000 upvotes. It was a man named “Ajit Doval”. Ajit Doval, I never heard that name before. Who is that guy, I thought. So, I started going through the answer.

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Ajit Doval is currently the National Security Advisor of our country. But does that make him a James Bond, The James Bond?

Wait!…put in some air and Here are some information about various operations that this man completed for our nation. Feel Proud!

1. Lived in Pakistan for 7 years to unfold vital information.

Source : youth connect

2. Worked in Indian high commission In Islamabad for 6 tyrant years.

Source :

 3. His negotiation skills led to hostages freedom in the infamous IC-814 hijacking at Kandahar.

Source : The Indian Express

4. He terminated 15 hijackings from 1971-1999.

Source : Central Tibetan Administration

5. In 1986 as a field agent, He infiltrated the underground Mizo National Front, and detached its top leaders and forced them to settle for peace.

Source : Reuters

6. In the late ’80s, He passed on vital information on Operation Black Thunder by going  into the Golden Temple posing as a Pakistani agent to Khalistani militants.

Source : Newsrook

7. He convinced Kashmiri militant Kuka Parray and his troops to become counterterrorists.

Source : Pakistan Defense

8. He played a vital role for the secure return of 46 Indian nurses who were trapped in a region under control of ISIS in June 2014, at a hospital in Tikrit, Iraq.

Source : time

9. He has been awarded India’s second highest peacetime gallantry award, Kirti Chakra  because of his deeds in Operation Black Thunder.

Source : SSB crack

So, This was Ajit Doval, The James Bond of India! FEELING PROUD AREN’T YOU?

featured image source : India today

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