Indian soldiers reply to Kejriwal on this festival month

The past few weeks in India has been more over to the surgical strike conducted by Indian Army in Pakistan. People are enjoying this accomplishment by Indian Soldiers but there are few who are denying the fact that India has ever conducted the surgical strike. Yes, and that person is none other than Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

A ruthless was comment passed by the Delhi CM to the Indian Army that signifies that India never conducted a surgical strike over Pakistan. Well, We can’t change the fact that he has been in a cat and mice fight with our PM Modi, but putting up questions over such delicate matter is shameful.

Here is a video which purely gives all the answers to Mr. Kejriwal over his demand for proof over the Indian surgical strike. Have a look :

Mr. Kejriwal do have a look, maybe you will get your answer and yes, do learn something from our Soldiers!

featured image source : The Indian Express

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