Humane Panacea for Global Warming… Perhaps !!

According to recent studies, the global temperature has escalated to 1.4 degree Celsius since 1880.’The rate is increasing.The first two decades of the 20th century were the warmest in last 400 years’ says NASA,with 11 of the past 12 years among the  warmest calendars since 1850.But seems like the pioneers in the aerospace research are not able to curb down MAN’s solution to this problem under the laws of thermodynamics.

Always on the higher side of cracking the complex of problems through his ‘jugaad’; the WARM-BLOODED creature has hunted down the counter to rising temperature too.Shaking hands with the mounting mercury,man has decided to cope up with rising temperature by putting their ‘internal compressor’ to maximum work. Egocentrism and Xenophobia have been the coolants. Last two decades have witnessed a profuse implementation of this LAW of MY WIN AT  THE COST OF YOUR LOSS. Every morning children are fed with the dose of selfishness along with the ‘cow’ milk. Compassion and togetherness  have topped the list in being roadblocks to success. BREXIT is the latest clause to bolster such ideology.

      INSENSITIVE is the new cool !!

Is selfishness more important a factor in success over hard work?? Does ensuring somebody’s defeat imply success??Is the WIN-LOSE perspective the only favourable outcome in the sample space??


This growing trend of indifferent behaviour and cold-blooded attitude is somewhere attributed to the so-called ‘modern’ lifestyle, where everything here is short-lived be it mobile phones or relationships .Thus, the cut-throat competition is illustrative of the insecurity with which we carry the badges of success and loads of capability.We veil our insecurity and helplessness by not allowing anyone in our road to success,ultimately heading nowhere.

High time to re-route our success map and get our over-functioning compressors mended else mother Earth,turning red with heat,will soon record another Ice-age,but with red glaciers.

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