How to make 2017 different for yourself?

2017 has started, a new year with new hopes, new resolutions. But in the end, all we do is wait for another year for new hopes and new resolutions. Isn’t that dramatic? Then we ask again How to make 2017 different for yourself?

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I’m pretty sure, the resolutions you are going to make for this year has been postponed since last 3 to 4 years. Be it fitness or personal growth, quitting smoke, or getting back in shape. None of them happened and the reason is the people out there do not practice the discipline needed to get all the resolutions done.

“It is not the movement of the clock that produces change, it the movement of the mind.”

Here are some key points that are the answer for how to make 2017 different for yourself.

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1. New life comes from a new mind, change your thoughts.

2. Learn to say NO!

3. Discipline, master it and you won’t be reading this again next year.

4. You tried every excuse until last year, Don’t do that this time.

5. Rethink your value, value degrades if the master isn’t up to date.

6. Quit smoking or quit that urge or quit your body. Choose wisely.

7. Train yourself, or the guilt resides in you.

8. Delete all negative people from your life, if they don’t care about your life, why are you caring about their opinions till now?

9. Think deeply, is this you wanted to be when you were a child? Did you patronise this person that you are when you were a child, if not you know something is not right.

10. How to make 2017 different for yourself? Don’t just read the above lines, implement it. You will thank me later.

If you stop yourself again this year from achieving your goals, remember time is running out and so are you.

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How to make 2017 different for yourself? Trust the process, Trust the change.

Trust 2017, It will be a great year!

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