How to install extensions in chrome

How to install extensions in Chrome? It’s quite simple and easy if you follow the basic steps that require a couple of your minutes now. Don’t you worry, I won’t just write about how to install these extensions in chrome but will show you pictographically step by step.

Here it goes: 

Step 1: Enter Chrome web store on your search bar.


Step 2: Click on Chrome Web Store and you will be redirected to the store.

Step 3: Select any extension that you need to get (Here say Noisli)

Step 4: Click on the Noisli tab

(Important)  Step 5: Read all the reviews and get an overview of the extension. After that, click on ADD TO CHROME button.

Almost done, Step 6: Here comes the final reminder, add Noisli to your extensions.

Final Step 7: Congratulations, you have installed your extension successfully, the icon will appear right to your search bar.

So, Now you all know how to easily install extensions in Chrome. Told you, It’s just a piece of cake. Do share the knowledge.

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