How to install extensions in Google Chrome.

Extensions in Google Chrome are a way of adding more functionality to the Chrome browser. There are thousand of extensions in the

Chrome market for extensions.

One can download it, install it and your chrome will become your personalized browser with features you want to have. I have been asked this a lot about how one can install the extension in Chrome. Installing extensions are just a matter of few clicks. It is probably one of the easiest things you will do today.

It’s quite simple and easy if you follow the basic steps that require a couple of your minutes now. Don’t you worry, I won’t just write about how to install these extensions in chrome but will show you pictographically step by step.

Here it goes: 

Step 1: Enter Chrome web store on your search bar, or just click on the link in the first paragraph.


Step 2: Click on Chrome Web Store and you will be redirected to the store.

Step 3: Select any extension that you need to get (Here say Noisli). You can always search for the extension in the upper left search bar on the store’s page.

Step 4: Click on the Noisli tab.

(Important)  Step 5: Read all the reviews and get an overview of the extension. After that, click on ADD TO CHROME button. Always look for reviews and the extension rating before installing it on your browser. This can make your browser slow. Also, extensions have the power to perform tasks in the background. SO do keep a close watch on them.

Step 6: Here comes the final reminder, add Noisli to your extensions. After this required resources will get downloaded and extension will be added into the Chrome. 

Final Step 7: Congratulations, you have installed your extension successfully, the icon will appear right to your search bar. Some extensions show icon in the chrome while some don’t. The one with no icon (in upper right corner of your browser) can be accessed by going to settings>extensions in Chrome. You can enable and disable an extension from there. It’s just a matter of a checkbox.

Delete an extension from Google Chrome.

Deleting an extension is simple. One just needs to go to settings>extensions in chrome. There you will find all the extensions currently installed on your browser. Along with it, there is a small button (featuring delete icon) in front of every extension. You can simply click on it and the extension will get deleted after conformation.

So, Now you all know how to easily install and delete extensions in Chrome. Told you, It’s just a piece of cake. Do share the knowledge.

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