How Internet works?

How internet works? Do you know when you chat with somebody or surf the net, what is actually happening? How is the internet working? Well, today we are going to learn that with simple steps.

We are so much into the “www.coms” that we enquire each and every query with it. So, let’s check out what is really happening in the Internet world.

How Internet works step 1: The web browser sends a request


First of all the Url which is sent to the web browser is verified. Once it is verified, the web browser carries out other necessary steps.  It will start by looking up which protocol it will use. If the URL starts with HTTP:// it will use the HTTP protocol if it starts with FTP://, the web browser will use the FTP protocol.

It will then locate where the server is situated with the help of DNS or Domain Name Server. The DNS are servers that can bring associate a domain name ( for example) to an IP address ( It’s like the yellow pages that will associate a name to a phone number. If the URL is .edu then it will lead the query to that respective Server.

It is the IP address that your web browser will contact and will communicate with the HTTP or FTP server. The request will aim at obtaining the index.html page.

How Internet works step 2: The web server sends back the info

The web server has received a request from a machine that wishes to obtain the index.html file. It will then look up the index.html file on its hard drive, take it’s displayed and the information it holds, to finally send all that to the web browser. The web server knows where to send the information because since you’re on the internet you also have a unique IP address.

How Internet works step 3: The web browser processes the files

The web browser receives the content of the index.html file. Since it has an extension .html so it is considered as an HTML file. Thus, it must, before showing the page, gather all the images that are held in the file. Once all the elements are gathered the page content will appear on your screen all this in few seconds and therefore you get to your respective address.


 Now you know how internet works. Do share the knowledge.

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