Someone truly said the world is a vast place,a lot of things happen here,some are creepy,some interesting and some literally unbelievable.In this post we will be discussing some of the Hot guys who were born as females,yeah right you heard that,Females who underwent surgical procedures to become a male.Being a transgender these people were a motivation to people as they strictly had one rule:Gender doesn’t define your value.

“That’s not what you are expecting”


“A blonde”

Yes ,the above picture is of Loren Cameron during his old days but now it’s just a past.Today Loren Rex Cameron is a bald muscle-bound transgender activist and photographer, who makes self-portraits in order to “Help the transgender community and educate non-transgendered.”

He also wrote a book named “Body Alchemy:Transexual Portraits”

You will be amazed how this cute blonde looks now:

“Serious Transformation”


“Nice Smile”

Recognised as the Guinness world record holder as “The first Pregnant man” Thomas started taking male hormones in mid-twenties.

Although he kept his female sex organs so that he and his wife who were unable to conceive a baby could have one.

Thomas gave birth to 3 children’s together,don’t believe me go on have a look:

“Essence of motherhoodfatherhood”



Balian(earlier known as Yvonne) was earlier Germany’s leading Olympic pole vaulter in early 2000’s ,now you all must be thinking What was the reason?

Here it is actually, Balian was forced to quit his athletic career because of medical implantations of hormone therapy,so in 2008 Balian underwent gender reassignment surgery.

You will be amused looking at him now:



“Adorable smile”

Ian Harvie is now a well-known stand-up comedian who uses his experiences as a transgender in his acts to aware people and has also been cast in Golden Globe-winning amazon tv series “Transparent”.

This handsome hunk looks like this now:




From Kimberly to Ryan Sallans,this guy is now an LGBT rights advocate(Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transgender) and also a renowned public speaker.

He also wrote a book named “Second Sons”

He has undergone hormone therapy and surgical treatment and now this is how he looks:



“Right one”

Earlier living as a lesbian, Silveira decided to change her gender and started hormone therapy in 2010. Silveira is now a vocalist and guitarist for the rock band The Clicks.

He was the first transgender male to be signed by a major record table.Now he is an actor,public speaker TV show host and a painter.

Have a look :



“Before and after”

What can you say about him,he is a fitness trainer,entrepreneur and also in the running to be crowned as the “Ultimate Guy”.This guy even has a youtube channel.

Also, he will be featured in Men’s Health magazine.

Don’t believe me,see yourself:

“Excellent work”



This female-to-male transgender used to be a professional model before undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

Now he is an adult film star along being a lecturer,writer, and an advocate.

Buck suffered from severe depression and was threatened to be thrown in Mental Institute for Gender Dysphoria.

Have a look :

“Model to adult film star”

Amazed aren’t you? Did I forget something? Comments are most Welcomed.





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