Having trouble in sleeping every night? This 8-min song can help you a lot!

Insomniacs are the people who find trouble in sleeping at night. Considering me too, yes even I am an insomniac and really find it hard sleeping at night. I tried the famous 8-minute rule but didn’t help me much, So I needed a better and permanent solution. And I got one. Also in case, you don’t know if you ever feel low just put on some peppy music and voila! Your mood will change for the better in no time. 

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Here’s is a big gift from science to all the persons who find trouble in sleeping every night. Scientists have found one song that’s proven to reduce your anxieties which in turn helps you doze off – EFFORTLESSLY! Yes, you read that right.

The biggest problem for people who can’t fall asleep easily at night is because they are either over-thinking or are anxious. I too felt this habit of over-thinking very addictive and bad. But is there a solution and yes now there is indeed.

This 8-minute song is a supposed to be a blessing for such people.  It’s called ‘Weightless’ by the Marconi Union. This song is really soothing as it’s a mixture of flowing harmonies, soft chimes, and rhythms that replicate a heartbeat! What’s more, it has been crafted in collaboration with experts and sound therapists.

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Researchers at Mindlab International tested this song on 40 women, asked them to solve a puzzle and timed the whole activity. Turned out, that the song was 11% more relaxing than other songs like Coldplay and Mozart. This song helped in reducing the overall anxiety by 65%.

Go on listen to this song:

Listen to this song, again and again, You will find it the most satisfying and relaxing song and also will gift all person who found trouble in sleeping, A long-awaited good sleep that you can’t afford right now 😉


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