Gaurav Tiwari : Paranormal death or Suicide?

Gaurav Tiwari 32,the CEO and founder of Indian paranormal activity was found dead at his home in Dwarka on July 7 under mysterious circumstances. Police are calling it a case of asphyxiation but are yet to ascertain if it was a suicide.The founder and CEO of the Indian Paranormal Society were found lying on his bathroom floor with a thin black line across his neck.

According to the reports from his family, they heard a loud bang  from his bathroom at around 11 am on Thursday. They forced their way through the locked door to find Gaurav Tiwari lying on the floor. He was rushed to a hospital but could not be revived.Investigators suspect that the 32-year-old committed suicide, though they haven’t confirmed anything so far.


    “paranormal dealings”

    According to recent reports Gaurav Tiwari had no financial or other depressing issues that could have driven him to suicide. He was featured on this month’s cover of Youth Incorporated magazine and even posted about a day before his death.

    Gaurav Tiwari, who once shared screen space with Bollywood actress Sunny Leone on the MTV show “Haunted Weekends,” was “perfectly normal” and could not have killed himself, according to his family.

    Father of Gaurav Tiwari,Uday Tiwari said : “We heard a loud thud and rushed to the bathroom. My daughter-in-law tried to peep in and found him lying unconscious. We somehow managed to open the door and revive him but he did not respond. He was taken to hospital but did not survive.”.

“Youth magazine cover”

Although a senior police officer said that :“The preliminary autopsy report confirms that he                            committed suicide. All his family members, including his parents and wife, were present                       in the Dwarka flat when he hanged himself using a piece of cloth,” 

A senior police official said that Tiwari’s family members were not happy with his ghostbusting activities, often late into the night, as he was not earning much.

Recently married Gaurav Tiwari used to stay out ghost-hunting quite late into the night and it led to some marital friction. He was investigating a suspected haunted house in Delhi’s Janakpuri on Wednesday and returned home at around 1:30 am at night,which triggered a fight with his wife.

He appeared absolutely fine on the day of his death, however, and was “checking emails” a few minutes before he died.Police searched the house and Tiwari’s mobile for clues but couldn’t find anything substantial. They are now waiting for the full autopsy report.

His family members didn’t believe in the paranormal and  suspected that he died from the trauma from falling on the bathroom floor,well that can be true.

Allen Tiller Australian paranormal investigator  who was working with Gaurav Tiwari on a Syfy TV series ‘Haunting: Australia’ told his fans on Facebook that Tiwari had a heart attack.

“Delhi’s haunted cemetery”


    “The Investigators”

    Gaurav Tiwari started his career as a commercial pilot but quit that until the things became creepy as he found that his apartment in Florida was haunted.It was 2002,Gaurav joined the paraNexus association,Florida      and started investigating various haunted spots.This is what got him into studying the paranormal, and end up founding the Indian Paranormal Society.

    Gaurav Tiwari was a certified paranormal investigator and UFO field investigator. During the course of his work, he visited more than 6,000 ‘haunted locations’ and investigated ‘hauntings’, ‘UFO abductions’ and ‘mysterious creatures’.

    Gaurav Tiwari’s paranormal research skills were so strong that his team was completely dependent on him despite having access to many hi-tech types of equipment like full-spectrum cameras.Tiwari had worked on various TV shows including  Bhoot Aaya, MTV He Ticket, and Fear Files. He also appeared in Bollywood flicks 16 December and Tango Charlie.

    “Enlighting people”

    Here are one the best investigation clips that describe the work Gaurav Tiwari did in order to fight paranormal:

    After his death, Gaurav Tiwari’s father stated that  “He told his wife a month ago that a negative force was pulling him towards it. He had said he was trying to control it but seemed unable to do so. My daughter-in-law ignored it thinking he was just depressed due to work overload and did not tell us about it. We don’t believe in ghosts etc, but his death has left us shocked and puzzled.”


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