The fish who never got caught : Michael phelps

One of the best swimmers that the world has ever seen, Michael Phelps is a fish who has a never ending winning motivation that made him what he is today. He won eight gold medals in Beijing Olympics, Eight!. 

Although everyone knows about him but only a few know him more than that he is a swimmer and a gold medallist.

Early Life

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Michael Phelps was born to Michael Fred Phelps and Deborah Sue ‘Debbie’ in Baltimore, Maryland. He has two elder sisters: Hilary and Whitney. While his father was employed as a state trooper, his mother was into the profession of teaching. Kid Michael gained his education from Towson High School.

Michael Phelps took to swimming at the age of seven. Initially scared of putting his face in the water, he took to floating in the pool and no sooner mastered backstroke. Just when Phelps seemed to get on with his fear, he was diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, he worked his way through the condition along with the help of his mother Debbie.

Entering the Olympics

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Phelps took training under Bob Bowman, at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club, Recognising the capability and potential that Phelps showed, Bowman started an intense training program with him. Soon, Phelps found himself a place at the US National B Team.
Breaking quite a few records, Phelps reeled his way through the Olympic trials to gain himself a seat at the 2000 Summer Olympics. With this, he became the youngest player in 68 years to represent America in the Olympics. Though he did not win a medal, his performance was incredible as he reserved himself a fifth position at the 200-meter butterfly race.
At the end of the year, Phelps stood convincingly at the 7th spot in the world 200-meter butterfly ranking and 44th in the 400-meter individual medley.

Body Proportions

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Facts about Michael Philips

1. Michael Philips body is similar to that of a fish.

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2. Michael Phelps holds the record of winning 200m butterfly for 15 years.

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3. He won Eight gold medals in Beijing.

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4. He was 15 when he made it to the US Olympic Team in Sydney 2000.

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5. Michael Phelps has ADHD.

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6. He eats like a pig.

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7. One of the two Australian to beat Michael Phelps in an Olympic final : Ian Thorpe.

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8. His rivals Envy him.

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This is Michael Phelps, Motivating ain’t he? Do share the knowledge.

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