7 Features on Everyday Things that you don’t know!

We live in a normal world with abnormal theories or you can say the theories that we don’t know yet. Every day we learn something new, and when we do that we feel so good or smart that we know these little pieces of stuff. Features on everyday things are the most confusing things that people don’t know.

Here are some of the Features on everyday things from everyday life that you should learn today.!

1. Bottom of wine bottles.

Source : The French Cellar

The reason for this Indent is relieving the pressure while the bottle is being corked. Champagne bottles have a larger indent.

2. Hole at the back of iPhone.

Source : The Natural Life

This is a microphone.

3. Charging cable hooks.

Source : Pinterest

The hooks on the charging cable are used to make the wrapping easier.


Source : The Good Housekeeping

Lot’s of women are using bobby pins wrong all the time. The flat side should be on top and the wavy one beneath.

 5. The hole in pots and pans.

Source : TRI-102.5

There is a specific reason for this hole on them. They are used either to hang the pots or leave the spoon there for less hassle.

6. The fuel gauge.

Source: huffingtonpost.com

The arrow points to the side the fuel hatch is in the car.

7. Rivets.

Source : elitereders.com

Rivets were designed to add extra toughness by adding metal to places where people tend to rip or scrape their jeans against things.

So, these were some features on everyday things that we had no idea up till now. You are smart now! Do share the knowledge!

Featured image source : Wikipedia

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