Facts about Google Chrome you have no idea about.

We all know Google Chrome is one of the most used web browsers in the world. It is such a user-friendly browser that after coming in the market, it replaced all its competition in a couple of years. Apart from being user-friendly, it is also one of the largest open source browsers in terms of the number of lines of code. Since it is so big and highly popular, there are some facts associated with it too that make it more unique. Let’s see facts about Google Chrome from which some of you have been left out?

Today, here at Geeksnation we are going to discover some of the unknown facts about google chrome. Stay tuned.

1. You can save cellular data usage in Android and iOS(not working currently) while using google chrome by turning on the data saver mode. These user-friendly features of Chrome made it a huge success.

Source: Buzzfeed

2. Say “Ok Google” and get your stuff searched without even touching the keypad.

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3. Get Secure Password generation by enabling it using the following link in your browser: “chrome://flags/#enable-password-generation“. The password generated follows the norms of standard password generator with standard strength.

4. Mute the tabs that have loud audio by pasting the link in your browser: “chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting

5. Shop intelligently by comparing all the prices at ShopGenius extension, which all the prices of a particular stuff around the web.

6. You can use Grammarly in order to correct the basic English mistakes you do while you type.

7. Make your new tab much more beautiful by using Momentum.

8. If you copy any URL outside Chrome and intend to visit that site on Chrome, then instead of doing Ctrl+V and Enter on the address bar, you could just right click and click “Paste and go.”

9. Merge multiple tabs into one by using OneTab

10. There are hundreds of shortcuts which you can use in Google Chrome. Some of the important ones are here.

11. One can shut down pages which are responding slow by going to settings>More Tools>Task Manager. There you can find the pages with highest memory and time and shut them down.

12. When the internet connection is not available, play dino desert run.

13. Type data:text/html, <html contenteditable> in your URL bar. This will open up a notepad for you in the chrome.

14. You can play movies and audios directly into Chrome. Just drag and drop the video and audio into Chrome and it is kind enough to play it for you.

15. Just Search “Find My Phone” In Google To Locate Your Phone will give your phone’s location in Maps & You can even Call your phone from the google chrome.

16. Chrome search bar can be used as a calculator. Just type your query and it will calculate the query.

So, which of the following facts about google chrome excited you the most? Do share the knowledge.

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