11 Facts about Bear Grylls which proves that he is a real badass.

We all know about Man vs Wild, one of the best show on Discovery channel. The more we see Man vs Wild, the more we love that super cool character which is the main host of this show and his name is Bear Grylls. We all know how he is an expert in drinking his own urine as well as eating the heart of animals. Isn’t it all excite us.

We all know how he is an expert in drinking his own urine as well as eating the heart of animals. Isn’t it all excite us.

Though there are more exciting facts about Bear Grylls rather than just the things he has done on the show. He is an adventurer in real life too. Here are some facts about Bear Grylls which will surely amaze you.

1. Bear is not his original name. His name is Edward Michael Grylls. It was his older sister which gave him the name ‘Bear’.

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2. He Served As A Reservist With The SAS For Three Years.

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3. He holds the world record for the highest open-air formal dinner party held at a hot balloon at an altitude of 7600m.

Source: survinat.com

4. He once flew power paraglider in the Himalayas at an altitude of 29,000 feet.

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5. He used his name and fame to fundraise $2.5 million to help poor children.

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6. He has a black belt in karate.

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7. Bear Grylls has consumed raw frozen yak eyeballs, camel intestine juice, raw goat testicles, live snake, maggots as big as a hand, pulsating with yellow pus, and a giant live spider as part of his show.

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8. His first book, Facing Up went into the top 10 best-seller list in Britain.

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9. Despite a parachuting accident, in which Bear Grylls broke his back, He went on to conquered Mt. Everest and become the youngest Britisher to climb it at the age of 23.

Source: montana.edu

10. During his preparation to climb Everest, he became the youngest to climb Ama Dablam, A Peak which is described as ‘Unclimable’.

Source: themountainschool.com

11. Some of the injuries he has suffered over the years include crushed shoulders, a sliced finger, a broken elbow, a smashed knee cartilage, a broken big toe, a chipped shin bone, a dislocated hip as well as various bites from snakes, bats, scorpions and 4,319 mosquitoes.

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and at last no words for this. Don’t know why he has done this but whatever might be the reason this is Daring.

“Respect to this person who has never step back from any adventure.”

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