10 amazing facts about TATA that you are not aware of

TATA is one of the most prestigious Indian company. It was founded by Jamshedji TATA in 1868 and since then it has never looked back.

It is one of India’s largest conglomerates with revenue in hundreds of billion dollars. TATA employs more than 600,000 employees making it one of the most diverse company in this world. We all know TATA and its products majorly which include TATA Salt and TATA Tea. TATA have gained huge trust in Indian markets and is considered as most trustworthy companies in India. Apart from it’s some major products which are known to common people, there are many domains in which TATA is a leader which are still unknown to people. From Software consultancy to one of the world’s largest Internet cable forest TATA is everywhere.

Here are some facts about the TATAs which will surely make you surprise:

1.More than 24% of the internet’s traffic goes through TATA’s cables. Yes, you heard it right! TATA communications is one among the few global tier-1 Internet service providers in the world. Tier-1 means that they have enough cables to connect the world that they don’t need to pay anyone any fee to access any destination on the internet.

2. Founder of TATA group, Mr.Jamsetji Tata had four main Goals:

  • An iron and steel company.
  • A world-class educational institution.
  • A grand and unique hotel.
  • A hydroelectric plant.

All these goals were completed with :

Iron and Steel company went on to become TISCO(Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited) which is now Tata Steel.

Establishment of the Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore.

The Iconic Taj Mahal Hotel.

Establishment of the Tata Hydroelectric Power Supply Company which is now Tata Power.

  1. Tata operates 100+ company in more than 100 countries and exports to 150 countries.

  2. In 1999 Ratan Tata and his team were humiliated when they went to sell the group’s fledgeling car business to Ford due to a poor response after a launch of a hatchback, which happened to be Tata’s first passenger car. American Ford officials showed interest in taking over the company but did in a harsh manner. They told “Tata, you do not know anything, why did you start the passenger car division at all“. Then in 2008, the same Ford’s JLR was bought by Tata. Ford chairman Bill Ford thanked Tata, saying ‘you are doing us a big favour by buying JLR’.

TATA buying Jaguar

  1. The Tata Group has donated ₹ 2.20 billion($50 million) to the Harvard Business School (HBS) to build an academic and a residential building on the institute’s campus in Boston, Massachusetts. The new building will be called the Tata Hall.

Tata hall

  1. After the Mumbai attacks, salaries of the attacked Taj Hotel employees were paid despite the hotel being closed for reconstruction. About 1600 employees were provided food, water, sanitation and first aid through employee outreach centres. Ratan Tata personally visited families of all the employees that were affected.

Source: news.xinhuanet.com

  1. TATA declined a huge project in an African country just because its effluents would pollute a lake which will threaten their endangered species.

  2. Coming to Leadership facts about TATA have a look:

  • TATA communications: the world’s only wholly owned fibre ring around the world.
  • TATA global beverages: Second largest tea company in the world.
  • TATA chemicals: world’s second largest manufacturers of soda ash.
  • TATA motors: among the top 10 commercial vehicles in the world.
  • TCS: second largest IT service in the world by market cap and profit.
  1. TATA employees over 600,000 employees and is operational in 80+ countries.

  2. You can find TATA everywhere:

Tata Tea – Tea

Tata Salt – Salt

Tata Motors – Motor vehicles

Tata Hitachi Excavators – Excavators

Tata Buckets – Buckets, farm equipment etc

Tata Gum Boots – Yes, they sell rubber boots too

Tata Steel – Steel

Tata Sky – Satellite TV

Tata Docomo – Mobile network

Tata Power – Electricity Watches (Titan and Fastrack)

Tata Consultancy Services – IT

Taj Hotels – Hotels

Taj Air – Airlines

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research – Science

Tata Institute of Social Sciences – Social science

Tanishq – Jewellery

Tata Voltas – AC

Himalayan – Tata Mineral Water

Westside – Clothing

Tata McGraw Hill – Books

Indicash – ATM

Tata Global Beverages

Apart from it Buses, Military trucks, Tata Chemicals, Tata Coffee etc. Tata has literally entered every form of business, especially in India.

But you will never see them in Alcohol business, cigarette business and Entertainment business. Never.


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